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Sex Drive


Massiel Perdomo

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Continuing with the movies from the south of the border, which, in this case, is the Mexican/US border. The majority of the movies come from Brazil:

Bald Mountain

The nudity in Bald Mountain (2013) is by an unidentified topless dancer,

and Sophie Charlotte shows a lot of cleavage.

Carmo, Hit the Road

Mariana Loureiro shows the lot in Carmo, Hit the Road (2008).


A couple of unidentified women are topless in Copacabana (2001).

Forbidden to Forbid

Andressa Furletti is topless in Forbidden to Forbid aka Proibido Proibir (2007)

and Maria Flor fills a bikini very nicely.

Four for none

Four for none aka Diabo a Quatro, O (2004) has Ana Flavia Tarcitano

and Maria Flor both topless.

Garrincha - Estrela Solitária

Roberta Rodrigues shows the lot in Garrincha - Estrela Solitária aka Garrincha: Lonely Star (2003),

and Ana Couto,

Tais Araujo

and some unidentified women are topless.

Girl House


GirlHouse is a slasher movie where Kylie (Ali Cobrin) is moving out of her dorm to a house settled by webcam models to become one herself, as she is broke and needs the money. Her introduction to the house goes extremely well, attracting the interest of many of the regulars including loner Loverboy (Slaine) and is found by Ben (Adam DiMarco), someone who went to school with Kylie and had a major crush on her. This gives Ben the courage to ask Kylie out, which she accepts, but also causes Ben to have a problem with her new profession. Loverboy has a private session with Kylie, who breaks through the heavy security and manages to send a picture of himself to her, which is then stolen by a wayward model and posted on the house's notice board. When Loverboy spots this and the offensive message scrawled on it, he goes berserk and begins a rampage that begins by killing all of the website's online security controllers and torturing the owner of the site and continues with Loverboy invading the webcam house and one by one, killing the models, just as Kylie returns home from college. Ben and his GirlHouse obsessed friend Alex (Wesley MacInnes) attempt to save Kylie (and possibly the other girls), but they don't know where the house is and the police are no help. Can they save the girls in time?

OK slasher movie that is fairly similar to the recent House of Bodies, although there really isn't much different you can do with the people trapped in a house with the stalker story. Ali Cobrin is well cast in the lead as the nice girl led astray (of sorts, although the film does make it clear it has reservations about what she is doing) and does a great job, just wish in the reveal scene where all the site audience and fellow models are impressed by her breasts that you actually saw them. I know, we did in American Reunion and they are indeed impressive, but it definitely would have added something more to that scene. The stalking slasher stuff is not bad either and it does end with one great line and a fairly reasonable resolution. If I have a real problem with the movie, it's that so much is made of the website's and house's impenetrable security, but Loverboy is able is move within the website without been noticed, despite been quite active in the website's code and the physical security is a joke. Oh and did someone say Michael Myers...

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Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) in 1080p

Marina Shako, Natalya Zemtsova and Elena Berkova in What Men Do 2 (2015) in 720p




Mariam Bachir in El Nino (2014)

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Natasha Poly in Lui mag