Presumably to avoid competing with the Oscar telecast, none of the usual raunchy Sunday night shows ran new episodes last night, except Eastbound and Down, which had no nudity.

We do have one clip from Spain: episode 7 of Toledo, which aired last Tuesday.

You can find some recent French shows like Des Soucis et des Hommes and Kaboul Kitchen in Defoe's section below.

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A Kiss Before Dying


Sean Young 1080p film clips


Caroline Bal in Kaboul Kitchen (s1e4)

Jade Phan-Gia in Des Soucis et des Hommes (s1e1)

Sophie Le Tellier in Des Soucis et des Hommes (s1e1)

Mailys Amrous in Polisse (2011)


(US version; season 1; 2011)

Today's collages: Emmy Rossum



Audrey Bastien in J'aime regarder les filles (2011)

Today's Italian exploitation classic is Saturday, Sunday and Friday

Edwige Fenech

Barbara Bouchet

the Crazy Horse girls


Diana Garcia in Labios rojos (2011)

Virginia Salazar in Labios rojos

Silvia Navarro in Labios rojos