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Moll Flanders


Robin Wright film clips (captures below)

Sorry, not much flesh. If you want copious nudity, you have to check out the competing Alexandra Kingston version, which came out in the same year!.




Bad Boy Bubby


Johnny's comments:

Bad Boy Bubby is a 1993 ... well ... genre-busting story about Bubby (Nicholas Hope, who's absolutely perfect as Bubby), a 35 year old shut-in, abused by his mother and forced to live inside some sort of underground bunker as his mother has told him that the air outside is impossible to breathe. Forced into incestuous activities with his mother, things change when two events occur: his long lost father returns and Bubby discovers cling wrap. When things become unbearable for Bubby, he cling wraps his mother and father (after finding out about it's properties on his pet cat) and makes his way for the first time out into the real world, Adelaide to be exact (hmm... insert obvious Adelaide joke here. I won't. I'll feign decency). We see what Bubby discovers through imitation and meeting a whole array of people who will help to form the new Bubby. Along the way, he falls in love with a psychiatric nurse Angel, discovers he can understand people with cerebral palsy and joins a low rung band where he becomes a cult hero. Amazing film that's about a thousand things at once and while the film is very full on at times, it's a very uplifting film about the joy of life and experiencing new things with child like innocence.

I was going to do the entire post only using what Bubby repeats throughout the film, but it doesn't make a lot of sense and it would be completely and utterly profane. The word 'cunt' would be used a lot. Anyway, I'll leave you with my favourite one, "They're not Angel tits. They're not tiny, they're perfect 36ers ..."

The collages are below each 1080hd film clip:

Natalie Carr

Carmel Johnson

Stephanie Cooper and Fille Fusselee

Claire Benito (warning - not a pretty sight!)




Film Clips

Roxane Mesquida in Rubber (2010; see below)

Nathalie Walker and Kim Knight and Lori Dawn Messuri in Towelhead (2007)

Irina Voronina in Towelhead

Ingrid Martz and Ana Ciocceti in Asi del precipicio (2006)

Elvira Mingues and Rosario Pardo in Tapas (2005; see below)

Carole Laure in Get Out Your Handkerchiefs in HD! (1978; see below)

Kate Nelligan in Eye of the Needle in 720p HD (1981)

Denise Crosby and Greta Blackburn in 48 Hours in 1080hd (1982)



Colorized version of a classic Sonia Braga pic

Maria Ylipaa in Pieta (2007)

this is the creator's lightened version of #1 above