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I Drink Your Blood


A group of acid-eating satanic hippies have car trouble, and walk to the nearest town, which is mostly deserted while a damn is being built. A bakery is still open because the woman who owns it is doing the nasty with the foreman of the dam construction. The nasty hippies walk into town, buy some baked goods, then discover that the town is deserted, and decide to move into a boarded-up hotel. To their delight it is full of rats, thus providing them with hours of hunting and frolicking pleasure.

An elderly gent discovers that the hippies are the same ones who roughed up his granddaughter when she accidentally saw their satanic ceremony, so he heads over to the hotel with a shotgun to teach them some manners. They easily subdue him and feed him acid. His young grandson takes a dim view of this grampa violation, and comes up with the perfect revenge plot. He goes out and shoots a convenient rabid dog, injects the dog's blood into a dozen meat pies in the bakery, and sells it to the group the next morning. Now the story really gets going, with a rabid acid-eating satanic hippy cult.

I Drink Your Blood is a charming, quirky little horror offering. If you like a little nudity with your gore, this fills the bill nicely, and does provide some genuinely creepy moments.

IMDb: 5.3.

I Drink Your Blood DVD Uncensored Version 1970

 Available from in an all-region PAL

This was the first film to receive an X rating for gore. When drive-ins started pulling it, the producer told them to recut it any way they wanted to make it acceptable to local community standards. This means that there are more than 200 prints floating around, all cut differently. This particular version, is complete and uncut, including two never before seen clips, and is loaded with special features, including:

  • Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • I Drink Your Blood Show making of (28:52)
  • Outtakes
  • Stills Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Radio Spot



Most of the nudity is from Iris Brooks, who shows full frontal and rear. Jadine Wong shows breasts as a devil sacrifice, and Lynn Lowery shows buns from the rear.

Iris Brooks




Iris Brooks and Lynn Lowry



Jadine Wong









The Grapes of Death


Today the Time Machine goes back thirty years for Director Jean Rollin's Les Raisins de la mort.


The high point of this one is some delicious full frontal nudity by Brigitte Lahaie as she drops her dress. Caps and a clip.


We also have two unknown topless "Damsels in Distress". The first one is nailed to a door and the second is stabbed with a pitchfork. Gruesome stuff. Caps and two clips.






Notes and collages



Gina Phillips in Jeepers Creepers

Katie Holmes in Batman Begins

Meryl Streep in Silkwood

Michelle Joyner in Grim Prairie Tales

Susan Backlinie in 1941

Susan Backlinie in Jaws








A big batch from Underbelly:

* Brittney Zarewicz

* Charlotte Gregg
* Cheryl Formosa
* Deborah Tabone
* Helen Oltran
* Kaela Hilton
* Kat Stewart
* Lauren Clair
* Madeleine West
* Matylda Buczko
* Nicole Gordon
Some from In With Thieves:

* Arnita Champion

* Jackeline Oliver
* Jennifer Day
* Nikoe Sasaki
Carli Norris in Fanny Hill
Rebecca Night, also in Fanny Hill
Cecile De France in Un Secret
Irene Jacob in The Inner Life of Martin Frost
Clotilde Hesme in Le Fils De L'Epicier
Erin Lokitz in Buried Alive
Lindsey Scott in Buried Alive
Georgia Mackenzie in Honest
Maye Choo in Honest
Heather Prete in 8 Of Diamonds
Indiana Blume in Heros
Jennifer Alden in Fall Down Dead
Karine Darrah in Fall Down Dead
Melanie Laurent in La Chambre Des Morts
Outi Maenpaa in Musta Jaa
Ria Kataja in Musta Jaa
Sophia Myles in Hallem Foe






Marion Cotillard

Since she is now our "Best Actress," I collected some additional material to flesh out her career. Here are a few film clips not already in the archives and a few captures which are upgrades from what we had.

Film clips:

The captures are from La Guerre dans le Haut Pays. The quality is not great, but they are better than what we had, and she did full-frontal nudity.


From The Gent

Yo, Scoop!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am convinced that in this year's crop of SI Swimsuits that are body paint, it is not only possible to see nipples (yawn...) but in several of them you can also see the  pu ... er ... moneymaker!


These two of Jessica Gomes

and these two of Quiana Grant

How many more of the body paint shots might be hiding the goodies where a dedicated viewer might find them? All I can say is I would love to get hold of some Hi-Def versions of these shots!

The Gent


Divorce, a Contemporary Western


Priscilla Barnes

Wendie Malick


Jessica Alba has picked up an incredible pregnancy benefit.
A film clip of Blanca Lewin in En la cama (sample right)
A film clip of Olivia Williams in To Kill a King (sample right
An unbelievably great film clip of Diane Kruger in Troy. It is an 85 meg download for only a minute of film, but the resolution is 1920x782, so you really want this if you like Diane.