Yanks (1979) is a John Schlesinger character piece set in WW II England, which focuses on cultural effects of being a long way from home in a stressful situation, and how people turn to love out of loneliness. It follows three "Yanks." Richard Gere is a sergeant, and falls for the daughter of a shop keeper, Lisa Eichhorn, who is conservative, engaged to her childhood sweetheart who is at the front, and whose parents do not approve of Yanks at all. William Devane is a Captain, and becomes close to Red Cross volunteer and upper class wife to a British officer Vanessa Redgrave while his own marriage at home is crumbling, and Chick Venneral, a horny private, meets and falls in love with fun loving bus conductor Annie Ross.

Much of the film shows cultural attitudes, and points out very clearly that, while Americans and Brits share a common language, they have very different culture and traditions. It also shows that, when people get to know each other one on one, the differences are not, in the long run, that important. Also, in one of the stronger scenes in the film, a black soldier is beaten for having the nerve to dance with a white British girl.

For those who find the story a little melodramatic and thus a stretch, I can relate the following true story. A friend of my father was an Army Air Corps officer stationed in England. He ducked into a pub to get out of the fog one night, and fell in love with, and married, the pub owner's daughter. After the war, he brought her back to the states, where they had to explain themselves to his childhood sweetheart and betrothed. In other words, the film is completely true to life.

Redgrave shows breasts and buns, and Eichhorn shows breasts. Neither nude scene is very long. IMDb currently has this at 6.0 of 10. It is decidedly my kind of film. Like my favorite Goldie Hawn film, Swing Shift, it deals with the cultural upheaval caused by WW II. As former military who found myself alone and a long ways from home, I can very much relate to the themes. I also enjoy music from the 40s. While I very much enjoyed the film, I was left with the feeling that it was a good movie, but could have been great. It received many awards and nominations, but nothing for lead performances, and therein lies the problem. There was nothing wrong with the script. The material was more than enough to carry the 139 minutes of running time. The problem was in the performances, especially by Gere and Redgrave, who are clearly capable of much better. Eichhorn's character was conservative, reserved, innocent and shy. Gere needed to be far more dynamic and flamboyant than he was to counterbalance that. He simply did not demonstrate enough dramatic range. I felt like Redgrave phoned in her performance -- I never believed her character. Annie Ross was brilliant, and I wish she would have had a larger part. This is a strong C that could have been much better with two more good performances.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Der Joker (1987):

    This film is also known as Lethal Obsession, but if they had called it Hamburg Vice, it might have given a more accurate picture. Stylistically, Der Joker is pretty much of an episode of Miami Vice relocated in Germany, and filmed without the TV restrictions on nudity and drug use. Two hip cops - one wearing leisure suits, the other sporting a mullet - get caught in a turf war between baddies. The lead is played by Peter Maffay, a popular singer of soft rock ballads in the manner of Phil Collins, more or less. Maffay also did the musical score, and he made it as "Miami Vice" as possible. There is a lot of atmospheric photography of smoky sleaze clubs, cars winding through city streets, the Hamburg harbor, and old creaky deserted bridges in foggy nights. Again, this is your basic Michael Mann schtick transported to cold weather climes. Although it was filmed entirely in Hamburg, there are some interesting international names in the eclectic supporting cast, like Elliott Gould, Armin Mueller-Stahl, and Michael York.

    The plot is typical grade-B crime thriller material.  One of the cops is injured in an explosion and loses the use of his legs. He leaves the police force and swears revenge on the bombers, enlisting the aid of a coldly efficient professional killer. As he pursues revenge from his wheelchair, he finds that various situations may not play out exactly as he imagined. The situation is complicated somewhat by the fact that both partners are in love with the same woman, and she is sleeping with both of them. (One knows, the other doesn't.) Blah, blah, blah. Gunfights. Betrayals. The legs miraculously recover at precisely the moment they are needed. People die. The end.

    There is one scene which impressed me. After the injured cop begins his revenge campaign, the baddies eventually find out who he is and fight back. At one point, he is in a narrow street in his wheelchair when a fast vehicle and a powerful tow truck box him in from wither direction. The film editor and the stunt players are to be commended for their work in maintaining the illusion of several harrowing narrow escapes.

    Tahnee Welch, Raquel's daughter, provides the celebrity nudity. At one time it seemed that she might follow in her mom's footsteps to stardom, especially after Cocoon was a big hit. Didn't happen. The rest of her career, such as it was, seemed to consist of grade-B American films and throwaway European projects like Der Joker, and since 1998 she has disappeared altogether. Why? She looks good enough. She has the same wide, square, athletic shoulders as her mom, and her face is every bit as beautiful as mama's. Of course, she is also missing two of her mom's most famous physical assets, but that isn't what kept her from stardom (well, maybe it was part of it.) Her real problem seems to have been a lack of electricity. She is a very low wattage version of the Welch bulb, and just doesn't have her mom's hot stage presence.


    More Tahnee:

    I updated her Encyclopedia volume to encompass as much of her career as possible. She provided some nudity in quite a few films, although you probably never heard of any of them.


    Jordan Ladd in Madhouse (2004):

    Last year's Madhouse hasn't come to DVD yet. This scene has no nudity, but it is smokin'. I was amazed to find out two things about Jordan

    1. She has had breast reduction surgery. Those puppies are still pretty damned big on her tiny frame. I wonder what they used to look like.

    2. She is thirty years old. Holy shit. Here I'm thinkin' she's barely out of her teens,  and she's about ready to collect Social Security. Where did those years go?



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    Today from the Ghost...'caps and vids of Elena Ayala topless and showing off a very fit body while getting in on in a hot tub. Scenes from an episode of "Hotel Erotica".

    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "Going the Distance" (2004)
    Canadian road movie from last summer released to dvd last week. The topless blonde shown in the teaser ads is Kim Warnat best known for her role as the beer line girl in Freddy vs. Jason. The DVD has no special features other than an obnoxious commercial for a picture taking cellphone (the kind that got Paris Hilton into trouble last week).

    • Kimberley Warnat: topless as surfer girl.
    • Mayko Nguyen: boobs, buns, and a perfectly shaved bikini line.
    • Joanne Kelly: cleavage and buns.
    • Katheryn Winnick: partial boob.
    • Kate Luyben: cleavage as farmer's daughter.
    • Crystal Lowe: cleavage as striplclub waitress.
    • Jacqueline Stewart: obligatory stripper.
    • Tammy Morris: another obligatory stripper. She's best known as the lapdancer behind the meltdown of Bennifer Affleck's engagement to J-Lo (who fianlly admitted to be married to someone else last week).
    • Cougars: Belinda Metz (the blonde) and Jill Teed (the brunette) sporting cleavage.
    • Hot chicks: Mashiah Vaughn Hulbert (the blonde on your right) and Deanna Smith (left) in wet t-shirt contest.

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "Switch Killer"
    Here's an example of a B movie that is good not despite the normal B pitfalls of lame acting and sexploitation, but perhaps because of them. This 2004 horror/thriller is good even though it's a poor quality direct-to-video B movie all the way. The acting may be hardest to overlook, but the plot and storyline are very good, and the characters are believable. The strippers really look like strippers, heavily implanted and attractive but with plenty of mileage on them, and they really get naked. This movie is no Closer, where strippers don't strip.

    A young woman leaves her physically abusive boyfriend and movies to Las Vegas, where she becomes a stripper. Determined never again to be beaten by a man, she takes up with women. Convinced that she still would love him if he were only a woman, the boyfriend has a sex change operation and comes after her. To eliminate all the competition, he/she starts killing all the girlfriends.

    You'll want to dislike this movie, and there's plenty to criticize, but in the end you'll feel that you've just watched a pretty decent flick. The movie is also known as Transamerican Killer.

    Another batch of HDTV 'caps featuring some of last week's prime time skin highlights.

    Jennifer Garner Garner showing a surprising amout of cleavage on Wednesday night's episode of "Alias".

    Kristen Miller The busty co-star of "That's My Bush", "She Spies" and the voice of 'Lisa' in one of (if not the) funniest movies of 2004, "Team America: World Police". Here she is showing some leg and little cleavage during a guest appearance on the Charlie Sheen sit-com "Two and a Half Men".

    Mischa Barton Mischa making out with a chick in the rain on "The O.C.".

    Vanessa Marcil One of my personal-all-time-favorite-ultimate-hot-babes showing some serious pokies on "Las Vegas". Sadly I'm pretty sure they're fake pokies.

    Yunjin Kim The "Lost" co-star looking pretty darn good in a bikini during Wednesday night's episode.

    Phoebe Cates
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

    A new Vejiita comic paying tribute to our Best Nude Film Debuts of the 80s poll winner featuring her nudity from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and "Paradise".

    Sienna Miller Coming to DVD March 15th! Here's a sneak peak at Miller topless and showing thong views in scenes from the 2004 version of "Alfie".

    Jennifer Starr
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

    Breast and bum views in scenes from the 1997 indie, "Snake Skin Jacket". 'Caps by the Skin-man.