Kind of a weird page today. In one respect it is the largest of all time - 3 gig worth of material. It is also one of the most explicit of all time. Stormy Daniels does her thing, at least in medium-core form, and Maria Evoli turns in one of the craziest performances I've ever seen from a non-porn actress.
Whiskey Cavalier
This is the premiere episode of a new ABC series, so it has no nudity and probably never will. I suppose it will never appear on this page again, but I thought you might like to see Lauren Cohan doing her thing in 1080hd.

Oscar night
More non-nude stuff. Everyone loves Sophie Turner, so here she is struttin' her stiff at an Oscar party.

OK, enough of that wimpy stuff. Let's get the show on the road ...


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s7e13, 1920x1080

Mary-Louise Parker

This week continuing the British, with movies and TV from the last century.

Today: TV

"I, Claudius"

I, Claudius (1976) is a TV series based on the book of the same name. It tells the story of the Roman rulers from 44 BC to 41 AD through the eyes of (future emperor) Claudius. I remember enjoying it when it first came out and it is still a good watch. There is not a lot of nudity, just a few breasts and cheeks here and there.

Episode 1

Some unidentified dancers

Episode 2

An unidentified woman

Episode 7

Brief nipples by Patricia Quinn

(Scoop's note: the guy is a young, curly-haired Captain Picard!)

Episode 9

Beth Morris bares her bum

Episode 10

Some unidentified dancers

Episode 12

Sheila White bares her breasts and bum



Frances Raines

(Scoop's note: most of you know this, but for those who do not, Frances is the statuesque step-niece of the famous actor Claude "Round up the usual suspects" Raines. Claude's brother is Frances' stepfather. There was no biological connection between them, which goes a ways to explain why she was about a foot taller than Uncle Claude.

She appeared in a few exploitation films in the 80s, then did some theater work in the 90s, then retired to private life. As far as I know, she is still alive and living with her husband of many decades.)

Poison Ivy 3


Johnny's comments:

The third Poison Ivy movie, subtitled The New Seduction, was released straight-to-video in 1997. It is a straightforward erotic thriller and follows the plot of the first movie. I hadn't seen this movie before except for some caps and videos, so I was a bit surprised at how much sex and nudity it contains.

As children, Violet and her sister Ivy lived with their mother who was the live-in maid at the house owned by Ivan (Michael Des Barres) who lived with his ailing wife and his daughter Joy who is the same age as Violet. Ivan catches the maid having sex with a bloke (that wasn't him) and kicks them out of the house. A few years later a now grown-up Violet (Jaime Pressly) comes to stay with Joy (Megan Edwards) at their house and she is welcomed there. But like her sister Ivy, there's something off with Violet and she starts to manipulate the household, seducing Joy's boyfriend Michael (Greg Vaughan) and then Ivan and just generally pissing off the maid before setting her sights on destroying perfectionist Joy. Well, we know how that ends.

Pretty much a straight B-grade erotic thriller with a fairly ridiculous way of shoehorning in the Poison Ivy lore as it turns out both Ivy and her sister are devious stalkers. It mostly follows the structure of the first movie with some added stalking plus a helluva lot more sex and nudity and a feeble attempt at being slightly humourous. Jaime Pressly is pretty well cast as the seductress, I mean she is incredibly hot and naked in this movie, all-time stuff, but she also is a fairly good actress and is head and shoulders above everyone else in the movie. Having said that, apart from some impressive nudity, the best in the series by far, The New Seduction is a mostly forgettable movie.

Like the other movies in the series, this movie was released in an R-rated and Unrated version which is absolutely inexplicable considering it went straight-to-video. Who's going down to the video shop and deciding between the uncut version and the one with slightly less sex? No one, that's who. Anyway, just like the first Poison Ivy movie, the extra footage is stitched into this release in lesser quality, actually worse than the quality of the first movie as this version is a bit interlaced. Sadly, there's not a lot I could do with the extra material, but it's not that distracting thankfully, just occasionally noticeable.

Jaime Pressly film clips (collages below)

Athena Massey film clip (collages below)


Carol Schuler in Berlin, I Love You (2019) in 1080hd

Stormy Daniels in Sexquestrian (2018) in 1080hd

Katarina Leigh Waters in REDCON-1 (2018) in 1080hd

Jessica Blank in Bored To Death (s1e3) in 720p

Maria Evoli in We Are The Flesh (2016) in 1080hd (Part 1, Part 2)

Taylor Cole in The Ganzfeld Haunting (2014) in 720p