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"La Famille Katz"

episode five

Natacha Lindinger

This week, the movies are from 1996 and 1997:

Poison Ivy 2

Alyssa Milano is the standout nakedness in Poison Ivy 2 (1996),

as is Kate Rodger,

Tara Ellison

 and Victoria Haas.

The Danish Girl


The Danish Girl is a drama where happily married artist couple Einar and Gerda Wegener (Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander) are about to have a major change in the relationship. Gerda's paintings are highly regarded, but she is not getting any big shows. Einar has a thing for wearing women's clothes, which Gerda accepts and decides to use their creation, 'Lili', as her model for her paintings and this change of model gets her work noticed and she gets her work shown in Paris. But something is changing in Einar and he starts to become more comfortable as a woman, in which as 'Lili', he begins to enter society with Gerda and Einar coming up with the idea that she is Einar's cousin. At her first outing, Henrik (Ben Whishaw) takes a shine to Lili and they kiss, but Lili runs away before anything else can happen. Lili begins to strike up a relationship with Henrik, but is reluctant to take it to the next step, but this causes a strain in the marriage between Einar and Gerda. In Paris, Gerda meets an art dealer Hans (Matthias Schoenaerts), who is an old friend of Einar, in fact they shared a kiss as children. Meanwhile back in Copenhagen, Einar is deteriorating, becoming skinnier and getting frequent nose bleeds. A doctor suggests radiation therapy to cure him of his feminine thoughts, but neither Einar or Gerda like this and pull him out of it. After many unsuccessful visits to numerous doctors, their friend Ulla (Amber Heard) suggest a doctor with a radical approach for the time. Dr. Warnekros (Sebastian Koch) suggests a sex change operation that may be the 'cure' that Einar needs.

Interesting movie, maybe a little fanciful with its ideas, but works quite well thanks to the leads and the arrival of Schoenaerts who plays a surprisingly sympathetic character. Worth a look, but not for everybody.)

Alicia Vikander collages

Film/TV Clips

Tiffany Shepis in She-Wolf Rising (2016)

Tiffany has 120 acting credits at IMDB, and she's only in her 30s! Still a ways to go to catch Eric Roberts, who has 410 credits, including 55 yet to be released! And Eric isn't that old - still hasn't turned 60.

Livia Matthes in KLB: Jaeger In Der Nacht (2016) in 720p

Anna Pieri in Station Horizon: Eine Zweite Chance (2015) in 720p

Makenzie Leigh in James White (2015) in 1080hd

Emilia Fox in A Thousand Kisses Deep (2011) in 1080hd