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This week's films are from 2012. Today's teasers:

Girls Gone Dead

Girls Gone Dead (2012) has lots and lots of breasts on show by:

Amanda Kathryn

more of Amanda in the special features

Brandy Whitford

Caley Hayes

Janessa Brazil

Jennifer Worthington

Katie Peterson

one more of Katie in the special features

Kelly Otis

more of Kelly in the special features

Krystyna Ahlers

Natalie Waldkoetter

Ryan Keely

Shea Stewart

Some not identified

and more unidentified people in the special features

Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers (2012) has a number of partially naked and beautiful women, including:

Ashley Benson,

more of Ashley in the special features

Rachel Korine,

more of Rachel in the special features

Selena Gomez

more of Selena in the special features

Vanessa Hudgens,

more of Vanessa in the special features

group photos

and lots of women not identified.

more unidentified women in the special features

Johnny's comments:

A couple more movies from New Zealand.

The Devil's Rock


The Devil's Rock is a thriller set during World War II where two New Zealand soldiers are to infiltrate Forau Island in the Channel Islands to make a raid on Nazi resources on the island. But when they get there, the German soldiers seem occupied with other things. Then one of the soldiers is killed by Nazi Colonel Klaus Meyer (Matthew Sunderland) and the other, Captain Ben Grogan (Craig Hall), is captured and tortured for information, which Grogan does not give. A woman's screams emanate from another part of the building and when Grogan escapes, he goes to see where the screams are coming from and eventually finds they are coming from Helena (Gina Varela), Grogan's supposedly dead wife. But, this is only the half of it. Meyer admits that the Nazis have been dabbling in the occult and that who Grogan sees as Helena is actually a demon conjured up by the Nazis and that is tempting Grogan so that she can kill and eat him. As a battle of wills occurs between Grogan, Meyer and the demon, it becomes a battle for survival and this is stacked against Grogan when it becomes clear that Meyer is using Grogan for his own devious means.

A very good little thriller where it's basically a battle of wills between 3 beings with each one hiding something that maybe their trump card. Had been sitting on the movie for a while, but when Jessica Grace Smith turned up in Home and Away, I looked up what else she was in (apart from Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, I'm fully aware of that) and up popped The Devil's Rock, which I had a copy of. Sadly, Jessica is only in the movie for 30 seconds in an after the credits started scene, but I enjoyed the movie nonetheless. Wish I'd gotten to it earlier.

Gina Varela film clip (collage below)

The Fall Guys


The Fall Guys is a crime caper thriller where three best friends Kubrick (Ryan O'Kane), Max (Kyle Pryor) and Lucas (Dane Dawson) are being interrogated by Narcotics detective Harrison (Paul Glover). It seems that the three friends have come across 3 cases of a pure heroin which were left behind at a massacre they have stumbled onto. On the day of Lucas's wedding, the three friends recount their part of the story that started with them innocently obtaining the cases then quickly escalates to every thug and corrupt cop in the district wanting a piece of the action including Harrison, who's seems to be the dirtiest of the lot. But, there is something more at play here and if the boys can survive this, they might not survive the wrath of Lucas's wife-to- be Schapelle (Amy Waller).

Playing from the same book as most modern crime capers, owing more than a thanks to Guy Ritchie, this low budget movie is a bit stodgy but gets by with enough eccentricity and generally weird moments that make it fairly watchable. So, if you're into these type of movies, The Fall Guys is definitely worth a go. Plus it has a pre-Packed To The Rafters Zoe Cramond in it looking real cute (a couple of vids of her looking nice below), so there's that. Sadly, she doesn't appear in the foursome scene. That would've been real nice...

Amy Waller, Crystal Vickers and Anna Smith film clip (sample below)


and on TV:

INXS: Never Tear Us Apart


1080p from the Blu-Ray

Lisa McGregor film clip (sample below)

Nikita Sage film clip (sample below)

Tegan Short film clip (sample below)


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Katharina Wackernagel in Jedes Jahr im Juni (2013) in 720p

Sharon Stone and a lesser Baldwin in Sliver (1993) in 1080p