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Big Love

s3, e6

Ginnifer Goodwin 720p film clip. Samples below

(Possible body double.)









From yesterday's film clip in the Fun House, Kate Winslet showing it all in "Iris".



Night of the Wilding


Kimberly Spies gets roughed up by the bad guys in "Night of the Wilding". Caps and a clip.




TV Land

Over in TV Land more of Amy Robach's legs on the "Today" show.






Notes and collages



s5, e4

Rose McGowan

Melinda Clarke





Film Clips

Anna Friel in Bathory

The women of Ski School: Ava Fabian, Charlie Spradling, and Darlene Vogel

Blanca Lewin in En la Cama

Mi Grondlund in Levottomat 3

Spogliamoci Cosi Senza Pudor is an 1976 Italian sex comedy which consists of four separate stories. We would not normally care about this, but some famous women appeared in it in various stages of undress, like Ursula Andress and Barbara Bouchet. And while we're at it, the other stars included Brenda Welch, Nadia Cassini, Maria Baxa, and Ria De Simone.

Eva Grimaldi in Mia Moglie e una Bestia. Another Italian comedy, this one a real oddball, "high concept" offering: "Gianni is an ad agent from Milan vacationing in the mountains. Inside a cave he stumbles upon a cavewoman (Eva Grimaldi) frozen intact. Of course she retained all of her young beauty and immediately Gianni is attracted to her, but after he begins thinking she is best left behind she follows him around creating havoc in his normal life. Gianni believes he can transform her into a beautiful modern day woman."

Sylvia Jefferies got nekkid again in episode two of the new series Eastbound and Down. Sample right.