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The Working Girls

The Working Girls (1974) is a 60s-style comedy that almost requires that you lived the late 60s to appreciate it. All but forgotten now, it would be in complete oblivion except that a few copies are sold by touting it as a Cassandra Peterson film, as has been the only marketing plan since she became Elvira. In fact, Cassandra actually had only a small part in this film as a stripper who befriends one of the main characters. It is really about three other women, young roommates trying to make it financially and sexually In L.A..

It all starts with Sarah Kennedy. She is in the "cute as a bug" family of actresses, and has a squeaky little girl voice. Most of her work has been on TV. Her character in this flick is the small-town girl from parts unknown who arrives in LA with a dream and no money. She stops in a restaurant, eats a meal, then tells the owner she is dead broke. He agrees to take it out in trade, and asks her to return after closing. She says now or never, and starts to strip in the crowded restaurant. He throws her out, and she walks off laughing at him.

She runs into Lauri Rose, who manages apartments, and works as a sign painter. When Lauri learns that Sarah is broke, she invites her to live at her place, along with roommate Lynne Guthrie. While Sarah is job hunting, she meets a street musician and brings him home. He ends up becoming an item with Lauri Rose. Then Lynne Guthrie comes home and announces that she got a job. Lauri asks if she has to show her tits, and she says no, she got the job based on her qualifications. "Both of them?", Lauri asks, and it turns out that Lauri had it pegged pretty close to the mark. Lynne landed a job as a waitress in a strip club, where she will meet Cassandra Peterson, who teaches her a strip routine.

The plot is driven by the fact that the club is paying for protection, and the club owner takes a vacation, leaving Lynne in charge.

That is enough to set up the plot.

One IMDb member complained that it was so bad it wasn't even MST 3000 material. I disagree. Again, it has to be taken in context of the 60s, but the characters were believable, and the dialogue was occasionally funny. I knew people like this. For me, it had lots of laughs to go with its nostalgia value.

This is a C-, but for a very small audience.

IMDb readers say 4.6.


Cassandra Peterson shows breasts and buns in a strip routine.



Lynne Guthrie shows breasts stripping, then breasts and buns in a pool with a guy.










Sweet Georgia

I hear the fat lady singing, so it's over.

Here's the last of Marsha Jordan in Sweet Georgia. Marsha finishes her romp in the straw with the farmhand, but watch for the horse with a hard on. Poor Marsha gets trampled to death by this aroused animal. 

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Double Vie

Emilie (Estelle Desanges) lives a double existence in order to satisfy her complex personality. In the day, she works as a waitress in a restaurant besides Mathieu, who she is attracted to, but she plays nice girl and won't do anything with him. At nights, she is a different woman. She goes to clubs with her friends and does crazy things like stripping in front of strangers. One of these nights, she meets Stephan, and after putting a show for him she starts to have sex with him every night, while poor Mathieu doesn't get squash. But she finds it difficult to choose between her two lives,
so to keep the balance she takes on both guys

You go girl!



Estelle Desanges



Linda Paris










The 2007 Goya Awards

La Dama Boba


La dama boba está ambientada en el siglo XVII y centra la trama en dos hermanas que se evaden de la sociedad machista de la época de dos formas muy distintas. Una, a través de los libros, y la otra, haciéndose la tonta. Pero la llegada de dos pretendientes las pone en competencia. La rivalidad y el amor les harán descubrir sus verdaderas personalidades y la más boba resultará ser la más lista.

Mi opinión: es una película que se hace muy pesada y se agradece enormemente cuando llegan los títulos de crédito

Nominada a:

Mejor Actriz: Silvia Abascal


"The Bimbo" is based on a Lope de Vega play. He was almost an exact contemporary of Shakespeare and Cervantes.

The story takes place in early 17th century Spain and centers on two sisters who take very different routes to escape the male domination of society. One pursues learning while the other becomes a bimbo. The arrival of two potential suitors places the sisters in competition, and the stress of the rivalry brings out their true personalities, which means that the dummy may fool everyone.

My opinion: it is a film that becomes very ponderous and one greets the closing titles with relief.

It was nominated for:

  • Best Actress (Silvia Abascal)



Macarena Gomez



Maria Vazquez



Silvia Abascal









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Eight-Legged Freaks

 ... just pokies but two beautiful women

Kari Wuhrer
Scarlett Johansson






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Oscar night: Jessica Biel (no nudity, but hey, it's Jessica Biel)

Oscar Night: Isla Fisher. Her breast stayed in that thing, but I don't know how.