La Treve

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Chloe Petit

Jessica Batu

Sophie Marechal

Zone Blanche

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Marina Hands

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This show is becoming a dependable source of nudity.

Frankie Shaw


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Christina Ferraro, Rachel Germaine

Avec Amour


Lily Bloom and others

Defoe's TV captures always appear in "Breaking News"

This week continuing the British, with movies and TV from the last century.

Nil by Mouth


An unidentified stripper gets her clothes off in Nil by Mouth

Ski School


Ava Fabian

Poison Ivy 2

1996, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

The next Poison Ivy movie was the 1996 straight-to-video follow-up subtitled Lily and lets be honest, this movie is just an erotic thriller that has shoehorned in a Poison Ivy reference (that isn't even really related to the first movie) just to get the branding. Otherwise, there's no relation to the first movie except for the stalker plot.

Basically, Lily (Alyssa Milano) comes to California from small town Michigan to start at an art school where she struggles to fit in until she finds a diary from a previous resident in her room, "Ivy", who writes about discovering a whole new world by exploring her sexuality. Lily decides to follow the examples in the diary which leads her to fall for sculptor Gredin (Johnathon Schaech) but also catches the attention of her art professor (Xander Berkeley) who pursues her first by getting Lily to be a babysitter to his daughter (a young Camilla Belle) and then getting her to pose for him, well actually just to have sex with her like he has done with other students. This unexpectedly sets off something in the professor who starts to paint for the first time in years but also he becomes hopelessly attracted to Lily which of course, ends badly.

Not a bad little movie, probably better and more believable than the original and definitely more sexual and erotic. The movie was made right in the sweet spot of that period where Alyssa Milano played a whole slew of sexual roles in both movies and TV. Xander Berkeley is suitably sleazy (as he usually is) in the stalker role but feels much more fleshed out here than in the original. It's not without some silly moments but for a straight-to-video sequel, Poison Ivy 2 is a pretty solid erotic thriller.

Alyssa Milano film clips (collages below)

Kate Rodger film clip (sample below)

Tara Ellison film clip (sample below)

Victoria Haas film clip (sample below)

Natalie Portman in Vox Lux (2019) This is a possible nip-slip(???) in 1080hd

Sky Ferreira and unidentified in Lords Of Chaos (2019) in 1080hd



The Crown


This is a follow-up on yesterday's post from the new episode of Strike Back. Alice Hewkin, the woman from Strike Back, is also in this older episode of The Crown, from about two years ago.

Tallulah Willis