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Sunday's House of Lies (s1e5) featured nudity from Dawn Olivieri

and the latest Naked News featured some more of Eila Adams and her nude exercising

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Keira Knightley

White Lies


Johnny's comments:

White Lies is a drama about Maori medicinal healer/midwife Paraiti (Whirimako Black) who when on a trip to the city is approached by housemaid Maraea (Rachel House) to help with the pregnancy of her mistress, Rebecca (Antonia Prebble from Outrageous Fortune and The Blue Rose). Rebecca wants to get rid of the child that she is almost at full term with as her currently absent husband does not know of this pregnancy and would not approve of it. Their meeting is prickly, so Paraiti declines to help even with the promise of being paid well. But when Paraiti sees what happens when one of her at risk pregnant patients is handled under 'white' conditions, Paraiti decides to help Rebecca to make things right. But, there are a few secrets about the pregnant, ones that are so damaging that would lead to Rebecca being exposed and with her husband coming home in a matter of days, the birth needs to happen quickly. It doesn't help that Paraiti and Maraea clash constantly over the care of Rebecca.

Interesting look at Maori culture clashing with white culture that is well acted and has a surprisingly hopeful ending despite tragedy. The birthing scene is very full on, so it's not for the faint of heart.

In the interviews on the DVD, Antonia mentions at least a half a dozen times that she had a problem with the nudity in this movie and took a long while before accepting the role. So, here are her first nude scenes...

Antonia Prebble film clip (collage below)


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