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Stacey Scowley


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Shanola Hampton

Isadora Goreshter

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Judit Viktor and Juli Drajko



"True Blood"


Lynn Collins


Ned and Stacey

This comedy series only lasted for two seasons. I contributed season one about five years ago when it came out on DVD and it has taken me a while to get decent caps of season two. These were all made in 1996 and 1997. Again, the best part of the show was Debra Messing in her prime. There is no nudity, just cleavage, the occasional pokie and sexy women.

Episode 3 The Muffins Take Manhattan (1996)

Debra Messing

Episode 9 Prom Night (1997)

Jennifer Lyons

Tara Boger

Episode 13 Scenes from a Muffin Shop (1997)

Suzanne Lanza

Episode 14 The Skyward's the Limit (1997)

Debra Messing

Episode 15 The Errand Girl (1997)

Marcia Cross

Episode 16 No Retreat, No Surrender (1997)

Debra Messing

Nadia Dajani

Episode 18 I Like Your Moxie (1997)

Debra Messing

Nadia Dajani

Episode 19 Please Don't Squeeze the Eric (1997)

Nadia Dajani

Episode 20 All That Chazz (1997)

Debra Messing

Episode 21 Skippy's Revenge (1997)

Debra Messing

Nadia Dajani

Episode 22 Best of Luck on Future Projects (1997)

Debra Messing


A tribute to Ashley Hinshaw

About Cherry

Johnny's comments:

About Cherry is a drama about Angelina (Ashley Hinshaw), a teenage girl who is looking to get out of her home situation. Her father is dead and her mother (Lili Taylor) is a drunk and there looks like there is no hope. Then, her skanky boyfriend asks her if she would do a porn shoot for a friend of his. She reluctantly accept and things go from there. With her best friend Andrew (Dev Patel), Angelina moves to San Francisco where they share a bed in friend Vaughn's small apartment. Angelina gets a job as a waitress in a strip club, where she meets Francis (James Franco), a sleazy looking sort of lawyer and she falls for him. Angelina sees all the strippers making more money than her, so she decides to start doing some real porn. In porn, Angelina becomes Cherry and is welcomed into the world of porn, not in the least by lesbian director Margaret (Heather Graham) who instantly falls for her and goes well on the way to ruin her relationship because of Cherry. But, as it always seems to be with porn, things start to crack as her career takes off and her relationships with Andrew and Francis crack under that pressure. So, how will Angelina/Cherry get through all this..?

About Cherry is a film that has its heart in the right place, but is too jumbled to pull off the story it is trying to tell. It's neither aggressively for or against porn, which works to the film's advantage, but the stories with the side characters in Angelina's/Cherry's life aren't fully fleshed out and the ending seems to be more self-serving than earned. A failure, but not without its plusses, the biggest one being Ashley Hinshaw, who is not only absolutely gorgeous, but is an definite actress to watch for in the future as she is excellent in this film (also good in her limited role in Chronicle).


Here are the raw HD captures. Collages below.


Rites of Passage




This week's clips from Defoe:

Marie-Ange Casta and an unknown in Punk (2013) in 1080p

Norah Lehembre in Nicolas Le Floch (s5e1; this week) in 1080p

(an additional look at Norah Lehembre in Chronique de l'Ennui (2012) in 720p)

Eva Rossignol and an unknown, also in Nicolas Le Floch

Emmanuelle Seigner in Dans La Maison (2012) in 1080p


Film Clips

Adelaide Clemens and Bojana Novakovic in Generation Um (2012) in 1080p


Anne Hathaway in her controversial dress last night (big freakin' deal)

Octomom stripping. These are larger and clearer. That may not be a plus.

Ivana Milicevic in this week's Banshee

Morven Christie in a recent Hunted

Luise Baehr in SOLO Leipzig (earlier in Feb, 2013)

Alba Rohrwacher in Dormant Beauty (2012)

Marie Leuenberger in Wers glaubt wird selig (2012)

Lisa Marie Potthof in Wers glaubt wird selig (2012)

Jasmin Rischar in Wers glaubt wird selig (2012)

Julie Zangenberg in Vicevaerten (2012)

Caroline Escobar in Hidden in the Woods (2012)

Liza del Sierra in Villa Captive (2011)

Sarah Shahi (non-nude) in season six of The Sopranos

Michelle Hunzinger in Voglio ... (1999)

Belinda Giblin in Jock Petersen (1974)

Wendy Hughes, also in Jock Petersen