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Lost Boys: The Tribe


Monica Delain 1080p film clips. Samples below







The Lustful Turk

The Time Machine goes all the way back to the sixties for "Babe in Bondage" Heidi Krane in this subtly titled film. Heidi winds up topless in these caps and a clip.


TV Land

Over in TV Land our favorite "Desperate Housewife," Teri Hatcher, shows off her new undies. Caps and an HD clip.







Naked Outlaws


A rarity from Scorp. This is a 60 minute video which presents many of the usual suspects in various stages of undress. The last installment features two long clips with both Nikki Fritz and Taimie Hannum.

Samples below:








Notes and collages



s5, e1

Rose McGowan is braless

as is Holly Marie Combs, I believe






This independent production will remind you of movies like Spun, but it would be a mistake to write it off as just a bad B-movie version of those similar films, because Matt Farnsworth, who produced, directed, wrote, and starred in this movie, did a great job as did the rest of the cast, and he put an interesting small-town spin on the world of drugs and druggies.

Esper (Matt Farnsworth) has just lost his father in a car wreck. The father, a local drug dealer/user, left the proceeds of a one hundred thousand dollar insurance policy to Esper rather than Esper's mother, Effie. Effie (Rosanna Arquette) would receive the money only if something happened to Esper. And the only other condition of the policy is that the father must not have been on drugs when he died, so Esper must wait while the dead man's urine is analyzed for drugs. Knowing his father had been on probation and therefore was probably clean, he is excited to leave his loser factory job and finally be able to marry his girlfriend of three years, Donna (Diane Foster).

Meanwhile, Effie is so desperate to get her hands on the money that she enlists the aid of the local parole officer to frame Esper on drug charges and kill him while he is in jail. That doesn't go as planned, but Donna pays a steep price.

As you might imagine, nothing works out as expected for any of the people involved, and both Esper and Donna wind up heading down a road that they would have best not traveled. This is a well-done and fascinating story, not unique, but with enough differences from others of its type to be well worth watching.


Amanda Tepe Diane Foster Rosanna Arquette







Madonna has to lay off that testosterone.

Three women from Synecdoche, New York

Emily Watson. First nudity in many years. She is rounder now.

Michelle Williams never did take off that robe, but you can see through it.

Robin Weigert - Calamity Jane from Deadwood!

Mereille Darc in Le Telephone Rose

Kari Wuhrer in Sand

Melissa Leo in Silent Witness

Athena Massey in Body Parts

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