This is the blackest of black comedies about an ambitious TV executive and her search for the ultimate reality show. After discarding several ideas, she hones in on an offhanded comment by one of her staffers, and comes up with a plan to have six people play Russian roulette on camera, on live TV. Five of them will go home with $5 million each. The sixth will not go home at all. The film's assumptions are: (1) a greedy network would actually air such a show if they knew there would be no legal repercussions; (2) ambitious executives would push the idea to further their careers without ever considering the ethical implications; (3) there would be no shortage of contestants; (4) Americans would flock to their TVs watch the show, especially the grand finale.

I don't know whether those conjectures are true or not, but this film stays true to them, and it works because of that. It is a strangely powerful film because of its internal dynamic. At first we watch it as we would watch any cynical black comedy, placing ourselves above the characters and snarking away at the human greed and exploitation before us. Then something miraculous happens in the center of the film. As the fictional audition process unfolds, the film's loyalty to its premise makes us aware of the various kinds of desperate and/or crazy people who would agree to play Russian Roulette for money. The auditions at first seem to attract only suicidal loonies, but the losers who want to die are eventually weeded out in the audition process and the network finds people who want to live, but are willing to risk death for a chance to escape or improve their existing lives. When genuine, attractive and/or sympathetic contestants emerge, the laughter turns inward toward the sadness which is the ultimate source of black humor. By the time the apocryphal reality show airs its final episode, in which one person must actually die, our jaded guffaws have turned to outright horror because we realize that there will be no cop-out ending, no last minute reprieve. One of the six contestants is actually going to blow out his or her brains before our eyes. We realize that the premise is not so far-fetched because we, like the fictional audience in the film, are completely wound up in the game and are wondering which contestant will die. As each of them pulls the trigger, we are holding our breath. By the end of the film, the script completely knocks down the fourth wall because it not only posits that people are theoretically jaded enough to watch such an offensive and morbid reality show, but it proves it to us  - by getting us to watch it, and to get involved in it. The show's real audience is not the people sitting in the chairs up there on the screen. It is us.

Don't expect this film to be a comedy. It has some humor, to be sure, and you'll probably laugh out loud a couple of times in the early going, but you won't walk out of the theater feeling the way you normally feel after a comedy. The humor just keeps moving closer and closer to the gallows variety until we are standing right there with the executioner. Worst of all, the hangman is not only joking cavalierly at our expense, he's also selling shampoo.

Does the film have a significant audience? I doubt it. Few people will watch it voluntarily if they read the plot description. When I read about this film, I had no interest in it, and thought it would be repulsive. But I had to watch it to catalogue the nudity. By the time it was near the the end, I was deeply involved, and disgusted at myself for that involvement. I wanted to shout at the writer/director, "You did this. You tricked me." Maybe his manipulative techniques represent a course in psychological dirty pool, and they are certainly no way to win a popularity contest, but there is no doubt that those machinations are powerful.

In this film clip, Monet Mazur (one of the six finalists - the least sympathetic, a performance artist) shows her butt from the side in a still photograph. Later in the same clip, an unidentified woman strips down (full rear nudity) for a performance art piece. 




  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Azul Oscuro Casi Negro


Dark Blue Almost Black is a Spanish Drama. Jorge, like his father, worked as a janitor, but dreamt of something better, and worked at night on his bachelors degree in business. The night he told his father he would not be working as a janitor, his father dropped and became an invalid. Since Jorge's brother was in prison, Jorge not only had to keep his hated job, but also had to take care of his father.

Cut to seven years in the future, Jorge is still trapped, but his brother has a girlfriend in prison who wants to get pregnant in order to move into the maternity section of the prison and get better treatment. The brother turns out sterile, and asks Jorge to impregnate her. To complicate matters, Jorge's own girlfriend returns from an internship in Germany. By that time Jorge has obtained his degree in business, but finds that doesn't get him job offers. Jorge's brother is finally released from prison, and helps to take care of the father, but with a plan to steal his money.

Everyone but me seems to have liked this one. IMDb readers score this 7.4, and it cleaned up at the Goyas, with three wins and three nominations. I thought the performances were fine, and it was my kind of film, but I didn't end up relating to the characters, all of whom were looking out exclusively for their own interests.


Marta Etura shows everything.


 Eva Pallarés shows breasts.










Eden Quest

These clips are from a videotape entitled Pamela Anderson: Edenquest. That they came off a videotape means the clips are not exactly crystal clear and wonderful. Nope, they sure aren't. But they do include not only Pammy but four or five other women you might know. There is Leeann Tweeden showing more skin than usual, Alexandra Kabi (who was a bikini model of some fame back in the 90's), Raquel Gardner of Species II fame (in that movie she is in the middle of boffing a male mamber of the Species when he reverted to his true form) and Rosie Tennison, model and identical twin of former Hefmate Rene Tennison. A couple other gals show up but show little. So the clips are better than nothing and the gals are sorta semi-famous. Worth a look, I figured.

Today's featured women:








Two and a Half Men


Today we return to "Two and a Half Men" for a sexy look at Jenna Elfman in an incredibly short skirt and offering some cleavage in two episodes from season one of this sitcom.

Baseball's spring training  is underway and someone should check out Jenna's swing as she beats up on a guy's car with a baseball bat. Caps and three clips.










Notes and collages

Susanne Somers


in Magnum Force


In Ants

In "Three's Company"







Make room on your hard drive. Lots of film clips today, nearly half a gig worth.

Isild le Besco in A Tout de suite

Johanna ter Steege in Magic Paris (Brand new short film. You might remember Johanna as Beethoven's blond sister-in-law in Immortal Beloved.)

Edwige Fenech in one of those Policewoman movies, namely La Poliziotta della squadra del buon costume. (A policewoman on the vice squad.)

Kadee Strickland in American Gangster

The women from Silk, Sei Ashina and Keira Knightley. These clips represent an upgrade in quality from the previous clips of this exquisitely photographed film from the director of The Red Violin.

Two women from Shottas, Marilyn Manhoe and San-San. It's a Jamaican movie. Slant magazine said, "The film—subtitled because of its characters' heavy patois—is little more than a music video-ish glorification of the hip-hop lifestyle crammed full of shootouts, drug deals, busty women, and endless use of the word 'bloodclot,' Jamaica's version of everybody's favorite four-letter expletive."

Carmen Kass in Täna öösel me ei maga.

I didn't like this movie that much, but I loved the sequel, Täna öösel me ei maga 2: Electric Böögalöö.

Or not.

I haven't seen it of course, and the truth is I know nothing abut the film except that it is a 2004 film from Estonia and is actually in Estonian, a language similar to Finnish. The famous international supermodel Carmen Kass is, in fact, Estonian, and this was her first starring film role. Here's the summary from IMDb: "On one summer evening, four strangers are brought together by a mysterious murder. A case which at first seems like a regular crime investigation turns out to be something more: a tale of love, alienation and new hope."

A comprehensive look at Sylvia Kristel in Private Lessons (147 meg download, many clips)

Monica Cervera in 20 Centimeters
Hollywood bad girl Michelle Rodriguez (?? I guess) swimming topless.

Here are some alternate versions of those Laetitia Casta underwater scans