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season two in 1080hd

today: episode three

Marta Gastini


"The Americans"


Keri Russell

"The Affair"

Ruth Wilson


Northern Soul


Johnny's comments

Northern Soul is a 70s set British drama about school boy John (Elliot Langridge) who is having a hard time fitting in with his peers. One day, he finally takes his mother's advice and goes to the youth club where the people there are dancing to American soul music, which John had never seen or heard before and instantly becomes attracted to it when he sees Matt (Josh Whitehouse) dancing up a storm. John and Matt become friends and end up living together at Matt's house after John quits school and they take up a job at the local cake factory. But what they really want to do is become DJs running dance nights as that is all they talk about. Now joined by mad man Sean (Jack Gordon), they look to start up their own nights and impress local hotshot DJ Ray Henderson (James Lance). Meanwhile, they are trying out meth, getting themselves into trouble and John manages to finally start talking to the girl he has a crush on, Angela (Antonia Thomas). As time goes on, John and Matt begin to have different ideas as to how they go about DJ with John looking to take it seriously while Matt is all about getting a great crowd on the dance floor and is quite profane to this end. This causes friction between the two.

OK drama that is an interesting look at the dance halls of the 70s in the northern UK and how they were changing, but the movie is much better when it focuses on the music scene than all the hardship and violence in between. Much of that didn't feel sketched out at all, particularly how John's worrisome parents don't seem to care when he leaves home to live with someone he just met.

Antonia Thomas 1080p film clip (collage below)

Continuing with the movies from the south of the border, which, in this case, is the Mexican/US border. The majority of the movies come from Brazil, but there are also one from each of Columbia and Puerto Rico. We will see those two today:



Isabel Gaona

and Patricia Castaneda are topless in SatanĂ¡s (2007),

and Marcela Mar shows a lot of cleavage.




Mariana Santangelo is topless in Lie aka Miente (2009)

and Maine Anders is down to her underwear.

TV and Film Clips

Zoryana Marchenko in Posledniy Yanychar ("The Last Janissary"; s1e1) in 720p

Aleksandra Bortich in Kak menya zovut (2014) in 1080hd

Tabatha Shaun in The Guest (2014) in 1080hd

Nicky Whelan in Hall Pass (2011) in 1080p

Emmanuelle Seigner film festival:

Backstage (2005)

Os Imortais (2003)

Detective (1985)

A nice clear clip of Victoria Vetri in 1970's When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Pics and Collages

Celebrity Bottoms has been busy:

Ali Cobrin in Girl House

Anne Marie Johnson in Robot Jox

Annie Wersching in episode two of Bosch

Beatriz Rico in Pesadilla Para un Rico

Carolina Guerra in Da Vinci's Demons (s2e6)

Clara Paget or a double in Black Sails (s3e3)

Eliza Dushku in Nobel Son

Ingrid Steeger in Schulmadchen Report

Irina Bjorklund in Me and Morrison

Isabelle Huppert in Heaven's Gate

Isabelle Huppert in The Lacemaker

Keri Russell in The Americans (s3e3)

Lise Slabber in Black Sails (s2e1)

Maia Thomas in Black & White & Sex

Paz de la Huerta in The Limits of Control

Stephanie Cumming in Shirley Visions