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True Detective (s1e5) provided some excellent nudity.

Lili Simmons provided T&A in a sex scene with Woody, then later appeared in her undies, admiring herself in a mirror.

Michelle Monaghan flashed her butt in a thong in a sex scene with McC


Nichole Bloom was topless ever so briefly in Shameless (s4e7)


Defoe's French nudity section below is dedicated entirely to TV. Catch the latest from Braquo, In America and Groland, plus a telefilm called Passage du Desir.

The special Monday edition of Kanada Korner below recaps the latest from Bitten.

Johnny Moronic's section below has the nudity recap from the first two episodes of Fat Tony and Co.

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The Look of Love



Part 2

The unidentified dancers and background players:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

all the principals were in yesterday's edition!



Finally, some female nudity not involving a stunt butt.

Eve Harlow: major side boob in the actress' first topless scene.


Defoe recaps the week in French TV:

Felixe de Becker and ? on Groland (Feb 22 episode; 1080hd)

Anne le Nen in Passage du Desir (2014 "telefilm" in 1080hd)

The European fascination with autopsies continues with Yuliya Dyenisova in Braquo, s3e4, in 1080hd. Thank goodness they have so many gorgeous corpses over there.

Zoe Duchesne in In America, s1e6, in 1080hd




Johnny's comments:

Crave is a thriller about Aiden (Josh Lawson), a photographer obsessed with gruesome crime scenes who wants more in his life. He sees himself as an avenging angel, but the reality is he is a weak mouse. Then one day, his fantasies begin to come true when he catches the eye of Virginia (Emma Lung), who lives in his apartment building. He gathers the courage to speak to her which leads to a relationship mainly revolving around sex. At the same time, his violent fantasies also begin to take off, which gets him into sticky situations that he barely escapes from. When things cool with Virginia, Aiden is set to explode, which leads him to Virginia's ex Ravi (Edward Furlong) and a tragic end that may just be what he is looking for.

Crave aspires to be Fight Club, but the reality is much more middling, grasping at being deep when it just isn't. Sadly, nice guy Josh Lawson is miscast here, sure he can play smarmy, but tortured is another thing altogether and he just isn't feeling it. It's just not convincing that he'd have such violent fantasies. Crave is not a bad movie, just more a 'nice try, but not quite' type of movie. Also, another example of an American movie with two Australian leads, which we're seeing more and more of. This is a strange new world...

Emma Lung film clip (collages below)

Helena Cash film clip (sample below)

"Fat Tony & Company"

(2014, episodes 1 and 2)

From Wikipedia:

Fat Tony & Co. acts as a direct sequel to the first series of Underbelly, however due to changes in funding with Screen Australia it won't be branded as an Underbelly series.
Most of the cast from the first series of Underbelly return to play the same characters, although some were unavailable to reprise their signature roles.

Tessa Williams and Emma Shen film clip (sample below)

Kate Northover film clip (sample below)

Random women film clips (samples below)


TV/Film Clips

Stephanie Leonidas in The Feast of the Goat (2005)


Liz Solari for D Magazine