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The Oscars


Beyonce falls out of her top

Various HD screen captures







Liar Liar


It's a cleavage day with two babes from Liar Liar. First we have Jennifer Tilly who not only gives us cleavage but also a leg & thigh show. Caps and a HD clip.


Then busty Krista Allen puts on her cleavage show. Caps and a HD clip.



TV Land

From TV Land, one you never heard of: Tamsen Fadal of WPIX in New York shows off the "Thunder" thighs.







Naked Outlaws


Another rarity from Scorp. This is a 60 minute video which presents many of the usual suspects in various stages of undress. The fifth installment features two long clips with Cory Lane.

Samples below:








Notes and collages



s5, e1

Rose McGowan braless









s2, e4



Anna Hutchinson film clip, collage and cap below

Ellie Cork film clip, cap below


Chandon Pictures

s1, e5







Zuzana Fialova in I Served The King of England

Petra Hrebickova in I Served The King of England

Sarka Petruzelova in I Served The King of England

Julia Jentsch in I Served The King of England

Christina Derosa in Palo Alto, Ca

Hailey Bright in Palo Alto, Ca

The latest from Lindsay Lohan posing topless.

She is scheduled to appear next year in a real movie directed by Alfonso Arau. (Like Water for Chocolate). Principal photography is scheduled to begin this May.

Did you know that he is the same guy who played El Guapo in The Three Amigos? I just figured that out.


"In the seedy underworld of 1920s Buenos Aires, Tango legend Carlos Gardel is involved in a torrid love affair with a prostitute and sees his life shattered when a bullet takes her life and pierces his own flesh. Remaining in his lung for the rest of his life, the bullet serves as an eternal reminder of his pain and loss. Finding his way to the exciting Paris of the 1930s, Carlos seduces the crowds with his enchanting voice, bringing Tango music as a liberating force to Europe. Amidst this backdrop of free-spirited decadence and corruption, a mysterious woman enters his life and changes him forever, turning his beautiful sorrow into a musical legend."

Who knows how good it will be, but if it is good, and if Lohan does a good job and shows up sober every day, she could instantly transform herself from punch line to movie star. Hard though it may be to admit because she's such a goofball, Lohan is both beautiful and talented. We forget how pretty she is because she wears the same clothes for three days and looks like she just slept in her own vomit, and we forget about her talent because she's unreliable and few want to risk hiring her uninsurable ass, but she may someday rise from her grave, as Robert Downey Jr. managed to do from a much deeper grave.


Film Clips