Surviving My Mother


I'll take a page from Bill Maher on this one

New rule:

Nobody can make Almodóvar movies except Almodóvar.

This one is basically a Canadian hybrid between All About My Mother and Volver. Even the title sounds like an Almodóvar title. Unfortunately, without the unique sensibilities of the flamboyant Spanish stylist, and lacking roots in the peculiarities of Spanish culture, an Almodóvar movie seems downright silly.

Like this one.

A Canadian Almodóvar movie.

Because you know how flamboyant Canadians are!

Here's my full review. (Which is not that full because it's such a shallow and jejune movie that one does not care to pick it apart or even to dwell on it at all.)

The film has exactly one redeeming point. Caroline Dhavernas removes her clothes a few times. Here are the film clips of the lovely Caroline. And below are some collages. She doesn't photograph as well in stills as she does in motion because a large portion of her charm comes from her ready smile, the animation in her face, and the sensitive expressions in her blue eyes. (I guess you've noticed that I like her!)




  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Sexual Matrix


Sexual Matrix is a titty flick, which has a premise rather than a plot. A college professor/researcher and his female assistant interview and record brain waves of people relating their fantasies, and then the machine he has developed plays the fantasy back in virtual reality, much to the enjoyment of the research subjects, all of whom are in their 30s, and most of whom have after-market breasts.

Nudity is provided by Mia Zottoli, Regina Russell, Gina Ryder & Amy LaRue, Amber Newman, Sandy Wasko, Michelle von Flotow, Zoe Paul, Elizabeth Patrick, Caroline Key Johnson and Lisa Comshaw.

IMDb readers say 3.7 with only 95 votes. If a boob parade is your idea of entertainment, this film has a lot of semi-famous ones. If you look for more in a film, look elsewhere.

Mia Zottoli 8



Regina Russell 14





Gina Ryder and Amy LaRue 11



Gina Ryder 19






Amy LaRue 19






Amber Newman 14





Sandy Wasko 19






Michelle von Flotow 8




Elizabeth Patrick 10




Caroline Key Johnson 16



Lisa Comshaw 10











Eden Quest

These clips are from a videotape entitled Pamela Anderson: Edenquest. That they came off a videotape means the clips are not exactly crystal clear and wonderful. Nope, they sure aren't. But they do include not only Pammy but four or five other women you might know. There is Leeann Tweeden showing more skin than usual, Alexandra Kabi (who was a bikini model of some fame back in the 90's), Raquel Gardner of Species II fame (in that movie she is in the middle of boffing a male mamber of the Species when he reverted to his true form) and Rosie Tennison, model and identical twin of former Hefmate Rene Tennison. A couple other gals show up but show little. So the clips are better than nothing and the gals are sorta semi-famous. Worth a look, I figured.

Today's featured women:









My Breast


A trip back in time to 1994 for My Breast, a serious drama which starred Meredith Baxter as a woman with breast cancer. 

It also gave us a glimpse of Meredith's boob that we would never have thought possible to those of us who knew her better as Elyse Keaton back on the old "Family Ties" show.

The doc was getting a pretty good feel here. Caps and a clip.







Notes and collages

King Kong


Jessica Lange

Scoop's note: this was Jessica's screen debut, and you would never have guessed that she would go on to be one of the most respected actresses of her generation. She was so bad in this that it was many years before she would get a second role. But she's a very smart woman with an excellent work ethic, and she eventually overcame her lack of native acting talent.






The Cloud Door


Anu Agrawal







The two latest efforts from two well-established French actresses:


Scoop's note: Here are a couple of sample captures of Ms. Jacob from LC's video








I didn't hate this action/thriller, because I like Jason Statham, but it's somewhat flawed, especially at the end, where they try too hard to confuse and surprise the viewer, until you get the sense that the filmmakers just lost track of things.

A cop (Statham) is suspended after being involved in a hostage situation where the hostage dies at police hands. However, he's quickly reinstated when the head of a gang, calling himself Lorenz (Wesley Snipes) holds hostages at a bank and demands the disgraced cop head negotiations. It doesn't go well, ending in a giant explosion.

Strangely, the cops discover that nothing was taken from the bank. Only later, while chasing the bad guys, do the cops discover that a computer virus planted during the hostage crisis is quietly stealing millions from all the bank's customers, a few dollars at a time so no one notices. Then, they discover that Lorenz is killing his accomplices one by one, before the cops can get to them.

A nice action flick with some interesting twists and good cast just kind of collapses into a mishmash at the end, but it still was enjoyable.

Natassia Malthe






Three sets of clips from Lonely  Hearts: Alice Krige, Shannon Murphy, and Salma Hayek (no nudity).

A film clip of Tara Fitzgerald in A Man of No Importance

Ulla Jacobsson is a Swedish actress born in the late 1920s who became famous for two things:

(1) She starred in the first Ingmar Bergman film to receive international acclaim: Smiles of a Summer Night. Here's a great story about Smiles of a Summer Night from IMDb:

It was submitted for the Cannes film festival without its creator's knowledge. The film was nominated for the Golden Palm and won the Award for Best Poetic Humor. Bergman describes how he found out about his movie's international recognition: "I was sitting on the toilet reading a morning newspaper. One of the articles was entitled, The Great Victory for Swedish Cinema at Cannes. I thought, "What wonderful news. What is the movie?" And then I read the title, Smiles of a Summer Night by Ingmar Bergman." He then recalls how poor he was then and how he borrowed the money for a ticket to Cannes from Bibi Anderson, whom he dated at the time.

(2) Even before that, Ulla performed one of the first nude scenes seen in Europe after WW2, in One Summer of Happiness. This was released in 1951 and became quite the sensation. This was was before my time so I saw it today for the first time, as I suppose many of you now will as well.