Slow news day

Strike Back

This actress did some nudity in two sex scenes with two different men in last night's episode of Strike Back. Her character's name is something like "Awn" or "Ahn" or "Ang," but I saw nothing like that in the credits. I'll be back with a HD clip and some caps if I can find an ID.


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s6e4, 1920x1080

Jamie Renee Smith

"The Worst Week of My Life"

The Worst Week of My Life (2004) portrays the litany of problems and disasters that occur in the week leading up to the wedding of Howard Steel (played by Ben Miller) and Mel Cook (played by Sarah Alexander). It was quite a good laugh.

Episode 1 - Monday

Emma Pierson


Episode 2 - Tuesday

Lizzie Roper

Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse

it's back to 1978 for another grindhouse epic - with film clips

Debbie Ash and Carolyne Argyle



Glenna Forster-Jones

Pat Astley and others

Theresa Wood

Margaret Heald (no clip)

The Quick and the Dead


Sharon Stone film clip (collages below)

Ellie Kemper - underwear flash in an episode of the Office. (s6e5, 1080hd)