TV Recap

Friday's Naked News featured an audition from a new girl, "Avery"

Saturday's Black Sails (s1e5) had almost no nudity. There were just a few glances at anonymous prostitutes in a brothel.

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The Look of Love



Part 1

Anna Friel

Tamsin Egerton and others


Egerton and others

Katie Derry, Gemma Nicholas and others

Derry, Nicholas and others

Derry and others

more from this flick tomorrow!

The Right Kind of Wrong


Recent romance released to DVD.

Sara Canning: nude sex scene but not showing much.

Louise Robinson: boob and butt and maybe flashing her coochie.

Sasha Barry: nice bra-less pokies under flimsy t-shirt.

Andrea Stefancikova: sexy.

Cassandra Turnbull: sexy.


Cassandra Turnbull: bikini modeling pic.



Laura Vandervoort: side boob having sex.

"Lost Girl"

(s4e13; season finale)

Shucks, no end-of-the-world sex.

Emmanuelle Vaugier: cleavage only.


Casey Hudecki (Anna Silk's stunt double) showing a lot of cleavage in Toro magazine photoshoot.

"Being Human"


Kristen Hager: showing as much skin as permitted on the Syfy network.

Katharine Isabelle: very nice cleavage in brassiere.

Angie Larocque: sexy but dead.

unknown: undressing before party.

"Ghostly Encounters"

episode: "Til Death Do Us Part, or Not" (2006 TV episode)

This is the only episode of the PG-rated paranormal docu-series to feature sex with a ghost.

Angela Desand


le English speaking series, du à la episode "The Party" (s1e04)

Sarah Booth: in sexy slinky dress.

Mylene Dinh-Robic: very sexy getting out of wet slinky dress.

Laurence Leboeuf: sexy.

Cynthia Lambion: bikini.

Helene Robitaille: nude but dead.


Kim Williams: nude in the exact same scene from the original French series. (le s1304)

Anne-Krystel Goyer: la hidef upgrade of boob-flashing scene from last week. (s1e03)

L'Autre Maison

(2013; aka "Another House")

Recent Quebec release but the only nudity is male. Stars French actress Julie Gayet better known as the mistress for current prime minister of France and she's made many nudie appearances in the Funhouse the past number of years.

Julie Gayet: fully clothed sex.

Florence Blain: nice cleavage by Quebec musician.

"Serie Noire"

(le s1e06)

Anne-Elisabeth Bosse: side boob having sex.

Caroline Bouchard: cleavage.

"Les Jeunes Loups"

(le s1e06)

Alyssa Labelle: nude and possibly showing some nipple.

le unknown Quebec production

Marie-Lyse Laberge-Forest: full frontal


TV/Film Clips

Behind the scenes with Miley Cyrus posing for Vogue Germany.

Xenia Deli, looking luscious in a thong and topless, in a Calvin Harris music viodeo

Josefine Preuss in Die Pilgerin (2014) in 1080p

Emma Greenwell in Holy Ghost People (2013) in 720p

Veronica Calilli (sexy, but not nude) and Carrion Yudith in Richard The Lionheart (2013) in 720p

Here's a Scoopy tip for you illiterate youngsters - don't try to give your children an unusual name. Leave that to the professors and stick with Jim or Sue for your kids. "Carrion" means the decaying flesh of a dead or dying animal. I think, though, that it is probably her father or mother's Spanish last name. (With an accented "o," it is a respectable and common name in the Spanish language.) I think her birth name is probably Yudith Carrión or Yudith Carrión-Something. Why she (or anyone else) would choose to reverse it is a mystery to me.


From the vault of obscurity: Cheyenne Silver in Deviant Desires (2002; poor quality)


One more look at the leaked pics of the pop star Ailee

model Alexzandria Jade

Lupita Nyong'o in 12 Years a Slave