My Week With Marilyn


My bad on this one. Michelle Williams did not supply her own butt in My Week With Marilyn. That was her body double, an English actress named Emma Glover.

TV Round-Up

International flavor today:

New series: Sophie Le Tellier in Des soucis et des hommes, s1e1, 1080p

and Jade Phan-Gia from the same episode

Stefanie Stappenbeck in an episode of Im Alleingang, Die Stunde Der Kraehen

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This week: the films of 2002 and 2003.

Scoop's notes: if you can't play the film clips, just change the extension to .avi. That should do the trick, assuming you have the new DIVX codec. ("Free download" on the top right. You only need the codec. Pass on the other stuff.)

Here's the first preview for the weekend:

American Wedding

There is some nice over-inflated breasts in American Pie: The Wedding (2003) by Amanda Swisten

and Nicole Schieler Ziering.

January Jones is in her underwear

and Stifler's mom, Jennifer Coolidge, shows off her cleavage.


Nahtasha T. Budhi shows a bit of breast in Ritual (2002)

and Kristen Wilson bares her bum.

Jennifer Grey shows some very prominent pokies.

Jessica Collins

and some not identified show a bit of cleavage.

I have included movies of Nahtasha T. Budhi,

Kristen Wilson

and Jennifer Grey.

Sex and the Teenage Mind

The nudity in Sex and the Teenage Mind (2002) is by a topless Jodi Fleisher

and Jamie Hagan.

The other two women, Allison Lange

and Danica McKeller look spectacular.

I have included movies of Danica McKellar with Jodi Fleisher,

and Jamie Hagan.


Emma Stansfield in Best Laid Plans (2012) ... big 'uns in 1080p

Stephanie Sigman in Miss Bala (2010)

Valda Bickute in Kamen (2010) in 1080p

Beyonce's boob flash (2007 or 2008) - this is an animated .gif. Click on the sample below.

Kim Basinger in 9.5 Weeks (1986) in 720p

Today's Italian exploitation classic is La Moglie Virgine (1975)

Edwige Fenech

Carroll Baker

Florence Barnes

Maria Ruizzi

Bonus clip: Barnes and Fenech


Stephanie Rois in 3 (2011)

Haji in Motor Psycho (1965)

Holle Winters in Motor Psycho (1965)