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The nudity in Black Sails (s2e5) was minimal. There was a threesome, but you can't really see anything from Clara Paget and the breasts of Jessica Parker Kennedy are far from the camera.

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"DaVinci's Demons"

season two in 1080hd

today: episode nine



Brainscan's comments:

A fellow named Gregg Smith wrote and directed Cover Story (1992); it is the only movie in which he is so credited, which I take to mean someone in Hollywood watched this horrendous waste of celluloid and got the word out it might be better for a producer to hire his teenage nephew to write the screenplay for his next movie.  Or direct it.  Or both.  I suspect Mr. Smith, before he went to Hollywood, had heard of Vertigo and might have thought Hitchcock was the name of a porn actor, because sure as shootin' he hadn't seen that film or learned a darn thing from it.  Cover Story has the same general story line as Vertigo - dead gal who might not really be dead but, thanks to the guy who loves her, will be for certain dead when all is said and done.  That sums up all the similarity between the two movies.  Vertigo has pace and exposition and foreshadowing.  It has mood and mystery and the film has actors who made a living perfecting the craft.  And it had people behind the camera who had already perfected their own craft.  Cover Story has none of the above.  The lead actor, by the name of William Wallace, looks and sounds like Jim Carey.  He is what you get if you take Jim Carey and subtract Jimmy Stewart; he ain't funny, he ain't good, and he is damn near comatose.  And he is the best of the male-type actors in this movie.  Among the women are a couple who aren't bad at all.  Two of them and a stripper with no lines get nekkid and that brings me to the reason I really, really hate this movie.  You get three gals to take off their clothes - that is the first step to a brilliant movie - but then you or the director of photography or the cinematographer decides to shoot some scenes so dark a nocturnal animal cannot see what is happening.  And he decides to shoot other scenes with the camera shoved up the actor's noses while it moves frenetically across the playing surface of a couple in action.  All this is an offense onto the readers of the Funhouse because, try as a humble capper might, he finds very few images he can use to show off those three gals.  But three of them are in this movie, and even though two made not one more movie in their careers - those would be Laura Bagby, who plays a stripper and Marisa Cody, who plays Mr. Wallace's dearly departed, suicidal wife - they were attractive women with recreational bodies.  The third woman, Tuesday Knight, plays the role of the perhaps- but-then-certainly dead character made famous in Vertigo by Kim Novak.  Ms. Knight is no Ms. Novak, but she is real cutie and she shows off the upper goodies and so, who is complaining?  I guess that would be me.  I am complaining because if Mr. Smith wasn't going to remake Vertigo with any integrity, he might have done a better job shooting the scenes so that a humble capper had something to work with.  Tis a minimal expectation and even it, he did not reach.


"Naked News"

(February 15, 2015 edition)

One of the better segments after a long dry spell. One auditionee actually used her real name. Stephanie Lusk: full frontal in audition.

Eila Adams: nekkid with four other nudie correspondents in Flex Appeal segment.


Stephanie Lusk: as nude as Facebook allows.

Coitus Interruptus

(2013, short)

Joelle Jeremie: lingerie.


(2014, short)

Katarina Duma: bra and granny panties.

Jade Osman: side boob.

"Murdoch Mysteries"

(tv series, episode Toronto's Girl Problem, s8e14)

Now the two lesbians are out of the closet in the next episode one will show up with a U-Haul truck to move in her stuff (plus her cat).

Georgina Reilly & Sarah Mitich: lesbian kiss.


(tv series, episode Oubliette, s2e05)

Kyra Zagorsky: bare back showing some partial boob.

"Hard Rock Medical"

(tv series, episode Trouble, s2e01)
Rachelle Casseus: nude having sex behind shower door but showing nothing


(le english speaking series, episode Rock Garden, s2e05)

Laurence Leboeuf: bra and panties having some fully clothed sex.

Tenika Davis: bra and panties having some fully clothed sex.

Jenna Wheeler-Hughes: wet sweater, lingerie.


Laurence Leboeuf: revealing photographs.


(la french speaking series, la saison trois, le s3e04)
stripper: le nue danseur
(she's the same stripper from the previous season which aired two years ago)


That's Sarianne Cormier exposing a boob in episode seven of the the first season of 19-2, in a nude lesbian sex scene with Véronique Beaudet

"Mémoires Vives"

(le tv series, le s3e18)

Charli Arcouette: le MILF.

"Unité 9"

(le tv series, le s3e18)

Myriam Côté exposes her boobs for Anne Casabonne to suckle on.

Micheline Lanctôt: le GILF.


Myriam Côté: le topless model.

Ceci n'est pas un polar

(le movie, 2014, aka "This Is Not a Whodunnit")

Christine Beaulieu: topless in a low def cap from an unknown source.

"Surviving Evil"

(tv series, season two)

episode: "Bulletproof" (s2e06)

Jamie Duguid: nude as gang rape victim but probably wearing a body stocking.

Bea Santos: nude getting raped in shower.

episode: "Handcuffed" (s2e10)

Jessica Allen: nude as gang rape victim but probably wearing a body stocking.

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Isis Valverde in Faroeste caboclo (2013) in 720p

Marie-Josee Croze in Ordo (2004)

Marie-Josee Croze in The Hunger (s1e17)

Genevieve Bujold and Heidi von Palleske in Dead Ringers (1988) in 1080hd


van Palleske

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Nina Agdal in a peek-a-boo bikini