Young, Single & Angry

This is a micro-budget relationship dramedy about the perils of the modern dating scene, as written by a woman for women. The focus is on female self-esteem. At this moment it is the #1 chick-flick of all time, as measured by our normal standard: the IMDb score from females (9.3 in this case) minus the IMDb score from males (5.3).

The only real nudity comes from a dude, as you might expect, but the female lead, a virtual unknown named Sarah Blevins, did do two strategic nude scenes in which you can't see much at all. 


The Man Who Loves

I'm not exactly sure what was going on in this Italian movie, because I watched it without sub-titles. If I understood the plot (which is not likely), the lead actor dumped a devoted, successful, and beautiful woman (Monica Bellucci) because he wasn't really in love with her. Sigh. I guess he was just holding out for true love!  If so, he seems to have miscalculated, because when he did fall in love, she dumped him, leaving him without love and without the consolation prize of hot, sweaty sex with Monica Bellucci.

If that's really what happened (and, again, I would not bet on it), then this is yet another chick-flick written by a woman in which the male characters behave like women. As all guys know, it is insane to ditch a spectacularly beautiful woman who is totally in love with you. The proper way to end the relationship is to use her as a sex toy four times a day, subjecting her to every known perverted sex act, and even some unknown ones, until SHE breaks up with you. That way there's no guilt, and plenty of fun along the way.

And if she never takes the bait and refuses to break up with you? Oh, you poor dear. I pity you, having to engage with Monica Bellucci in every possible sex act four times a day until you die. What can I say? You'll never find your true love. Oh, life is harsh.

All joking aside, the sensitive melodrama was written and directed by Maria Tognazzi, daughter of the legendary character actor, Ugo Tognazzi. It was filmed in and around Turin. I once wanted to retire in Italy, and I again want to move to Italy after seeing how gorgeous and interesting it looks in this flick.

Anyway, here is an English-language review if you care what really happened. As for me, I only watched it to see Monica Bellucci topless.




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Training Day


Eva Mendes 1280 x 544 film clips. Collages below.








TV Land

It's an all TV Land edition today. First up Cameron Diaz shakes her booty on last weeks "Saturday Night Live". Cleavage in these caps and a short clip.


Jennifer Love Hewitt returns in "Ghost Whisperer". Jenn gets handcuffed to the bed in her nightie, then shows off her new bra (nice cleavage ). Caps and a clip of the bra scene.


Three Miss Americas visit "Huckabee". Katie Stamm (our current Miss America), Susan Powell (1981) and Gretchen Carlson (1989).







Naked Outlaws


Another rarity from Scorp. This is a 60 minute video which presents many of the usual suspects in various stages of undress. The third installment features two clips with Nikki Fritz.

Samples below:








Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

s3, e21

More of the mammoth chest of Christina Hendricks.








"No Escape"

(2008) (V)


It's the latest Czechsploitation from starring Rena Riffel as an Ilsa the Wicked Nazi she-wolf. A couple of anachronisms: Nazi WW2 era war vehicles have modern German license plates and the women have "Adolf Hitler" moustaches between their legs.

Full nudity and gyno-cam by all with Marie Veckova sporting a strap-on dildo


Rena Riffel
Sabina Casarova

Lena Drasova

Marie Veckova

If you want to see Marie Veckova in all her gynocological glory, she goes by many other aliases such as "Mia Ross"
and "Hailey Comet" and stars in her first hardcore lesbian video "Les Angels".

The next Czechsploitation will be a prequel, "Blood Countess 2," starring Kristina Uhrinova as a younger Elizabeth Bathory, who was originally played by Kira Reed. It should be released at by the end of this week.
Interestingly Kristina also played Girl #4 in the first Blood Countess movie.









In the last thirty years, the Los Angeles Police Department hasn't exactly enjoyed a stellar reputation, but in the 1920's, the LAPD was known as the most corrupt and brutal department in the country. Directed by Clint Eastwood, this 2008 crime drama is based on a true story of a woman who is subjected to terrible treatment for simply asking the LAPD to do its job.

Christine (Angelina Jolie) is a telephone company supervisor and single mother. While away at work on a Saturday, her 9 year-old son is abducted. Police in Illinois find a boy who says he is the son, and the LAPD return him to Christine, but she immediately tells them it isn't her son. Unwilling to admit a mistake, they browbeat and threaten her, telling her that since he's been gone for several months, he of course has changed.

Determined to prove that this boy is not her son, since he's three inches taller than the mark of her son's height that she had made on the wall, and after checking with the boy's dentist, teachers, and others who know him, all of whom confirm he's the wrong boy, Christine confronts the cops, pleading with them to resume the search for the real Walter.

When they continue to refuse and threaten her, she enlists the aid of an activist preacher and takes her case to the press. Immediately, Christine is classified as crazy by the police and thrown into a mental hospital where she can have no contact with the outside world. There, she is threatened and brutalized as they try to get her to sign a statement admitting she is mistaken, and the returned boy is in fact her son.

A gripping and extremely well done flick, with great performances. Undoubtedly, this puppy will win some awards. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.

Angelina Jolie







Hot off the presses: Sylvia Jefferies in the new cable series "Eastbound and Down."

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