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The Price of Desire

This 1997 offering is a soft-core erotic film which has a better-than-typical plot, and is basically a showcase for genre goddess Kira Reed.

Kira and her husband play a game where they visit a casino separately. She picks up a guy, he watches, and then they run the guy off before things go too far. They find this wildly exciting, but are thinking of taking it to the next level by having her go all the way with the right guy. Enter the owner of the club, who approaches them, and will pay to play their game with them. Kira's husband is unemployed, and the two could use some cash.

Act II is a reworking of Indecent Proposal, except that the husband gets to watch. That is the day he discovers jealousy, and Kira falls for the rich new man. Act III bears no resemblance to Indecent Proposal. Hubby's jealousy destroys the marriage, and she is lured into a permanent three-way with her new lover and his wife, Janine Lindemulder.

Kira's character works as a fashion model dresser, which gives a good excuse to include several other unclothed women in the cast. Kira Reed, Janine Lindemulder and Stephanie Swift show everything, while Kim Yates, Delphine Pacific and an unknown show breasts and buns.

If you like the occasional soft-core skin flick, you could do much worse than this one. There is abundant nudity and the women show lots of lovely body parts. The film also has a real, if derivative plot, an ending which is not completely predictable, and a cast which can deliver lines believably.

IMDb readers say 4.7, which is rather typical of a Skinemax effort.

All of this adds up to a very high C. Solid genre offering.


Kira Reed



Janine Lindemulder



Stephanie Swift



Kim Yates



Delphine Pacific













The Ramrodder

Let's return to 1969's The Ramrodder for some more sexy fun in the Old West. John Wayne movies were never like this!

Today Kathy Williams and Julia Blackburn hook up for a topless knife fight while tied together.






Way of the Vampire

The main vampire, Sebastian, who bit Van Helsing's wife a hundred years ago while hubby was killing Dracula, plots to rid himself of his arch-foe, but not before hanging out on a couch with three naked chicks and drinking a lot of blood. Van Helsing plans to battle Sebastian with a crew of slayers formed from various church volunteers whom he educates about the Way of the Vampire and his long personal history history with the creatures of the night.

Denise Boutte's Arianna comes across like a Buffy villain, especially during the big battle where she promptly rips off her dress to reveal her skintight leather fighting gear. Luckily, before she does that she manages to rid of all her clothes in scene that has nothing to do with the story - pure and sweet exploitation!



Amanda Ward




Denise Boutte








Notes and collages

"Wonder Woman"

Part IV of the Lynda Carter series ...










The Hitchhiker


Sexy Renee Soutendijk in an episode of the cable series.









Frances O' Connor in The Wedding Party, She was shown her backside in several films now, but never wants to turn around.

Pamela Springsteen in Dixie Lanes

Model Shalom Harlow stark naked

Sienna Miller sunbathing topless.






Pat's comments in yellow...

Last week on Valentine's Day, a federal appeals court ruled that Alabama's ban on selling sex toys is constitutional because the state has a legal interest in promoting public morality. But it's not popular: an unscientific online poll by the Decatur Daily found 91 percent opposition to the ban. One reader protested, "They want to ban sex toys, but sell guns on every street corner. When was the last time anyone was murdered with a vibrating banana?"

* I donít know, but if you can find an example, the NRA will argue that vibrating bananas are protected by the Second Amendment.



The next lineup of "Dancing With The Stars" was announced Wednesday, and the biggest names were Leeza Gibbons, Billy Ray Cyrus, 80's model Paulina Porizkova, Vincent ďBig PussyĒ Pastore, and Paul McCartney's estranged wife, Heather Mills

* Her specialty: hip-hop



The Georgia Emergency Management Agency postponed Wednesday's planned statewide severe weather drill due to bad weather. It's now set for Friday

* They want the weather to be nice: itís a combined severe weather drill and picnic