Two-part Paul Hogan biopic made for Aussie TV; part two

Laura Gordon recreated the most famous Linda Kozlowski scene in Crocodile Dundee

All credit goes to Johnny Moronic for the quick 1080hd turnaround!

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s2e9, 1920x1080

Jennifer O'Dell

My Best Friend's Girl


No nudity in My Best Friend's Girl (2008) just lots of sexy women, especially Kate Hudson who is in her underwear.

and also in the blu-ray extras

The others are:

Andria Blackman

Diora Baird

Diora Baird in the blu-ray extras

Hilary Pingle

Jacqui Holland

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy Caplan BR Extras

Mini Anden

Mini Anden BR Extras

Riki Lindhome

Lots not identified

Scoop's note: Just about everyone hated this movie but me. I would watch it again. It required Dane Cook to be an asshole, and damn, he didn't even need to act. He was born for the job. It's probably the perfect casting, given that Barry Bonds is not an actor.

Jenny Slate in My Blind Brother (2016) in 1080hd

Paloma Bernardi in Mais Forte Que O Mundo A Historia de Jose Aldo (2016) in 1080hd

Tove Lo flashes another crowd, this time in Minneapolis, Feb 15

I guess this is now her standard operating procedure