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The Feb 20th edition of Naked News featured an audition from Madison

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"DaVinci's Demons"

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Jeany Spark


La gente che sta bene


Jennipher Rodriguez

Born on the Fourth of July


Cordelia Gonzalez


Starry Eyes


Johnny's comments:

Starry Eyes is a horror drama set in Los Angeles where aspiring actress Sarah (Alexandra Essoe) is struggling to get any roles and is making ends meet by working at a Hooters knock-off, Big Taters. She shares an apartment with friend Tracy (Amanda Fuller) and with others living at the apartment complex, they are waiting for their break or for when Danny (Noah Segan) can finally get his movie off the ground. One day, Sarah applies for a role in an Astraeus Pictures production, a well-known horror production house and she gets called in to audition, which ends up being weird and inevitably goes terribly for Sarah. Afterwards while in the toilets, she admonishes herself, which is spotted by one of the producers and she asks Sarah back into the casting room to repeat what she did. This impresses the two producers and Sarah gets a callback a few days later, quits her job and goes to the next audition, where she reluctantly strips naked when asked, but this induces something in her that impresses the producers and she gets to meet the head of the studio. He asks her to have sex with him, which she refuses and she runs away, back to where she started. But, this has got her thinking what if she went ahead and had sex with the head of the studio? It could give her everything she always wanted as he promised as such. So, she calls back promising that she is ready, but after the deed is done, Sarah becomes violently ill, as if decaying and her behaviour becomes erratic. What has become of Sarah and what will happen to her?

Interesting little movie that has a different take on fame and is actually pretty creepy for the most part. Alexandra Essoe is great in the lead and embodies the desperation of wanting to be famous no matter what perfectly. The film becomes extremely dark towards the end, possibly more than it had too, but the set up is intriguing and is complimented by an excellent synth score which adds to the intrigue. Synth music fits L.A. films perfectly, it just has that feel about it. A great little film that is something a little different and well worth a look.

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Scout Willis in a see-through dress