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La Gran Familia Espanola


Johnny's comments:

La Gran Familia Española is a dramedy about a family headed by the patriarch (Héctor Colomé) who has been estranged from his wife and is obsessed with the movie 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'. The father was desperate to have his family live like the brothers in that movie, even naming his sons, Adán (Antonio de la Torre), Benjamín (Roberto Álamo), Caleb (Quim Gutiérrez), Daniel (Miquel Fernández) and Efraín (Patrick Criado) after the brothers in the movie. Efraín is the only son who wants to follow through with that movie's plot and at a young age determines that Carla (Arantxa Martí) will be his bride. So, on the day of the 2010 World Cup final, where Spain is playing off, the wedding happens. Things aren't great in the family. Adán is in massive debt and plans to rob his father's safe. Caleb is a doctor who fled to Africa to avoid committing to Cris (Verónica Echegui), who is now with Daniel, who is now having his own doubts with Caleb back in town. Then the father has an angina attack during the wedding and this gives Efraín the opportunity to rethink his marriage, especially when he seems better suited to Carla's sister Mónica (Sandra Martín). And there's one or two family secrets that are going to be unearthed over the course of the evening.

From the director of Azuloscurocasinegro, Gordos and Primos, this continues his love of families in crisis with a number of his regulars returning. Sadly, I just didn't love La Gran Familia Española as much as his earlier movies, particularly the excellent Azuloscurocasinegro. I know that sounds disingenuous, but the spark just isn't as apparent here, which is a shame as the movie has a pretty likable plot, just that it's completely predictable and resolves all issues way too conveniently. Not a bad movie, very watchable, just nothing to get excited about.

Sandra Martin and Arantxa Marti film clips (samples below)

Sandra Martin

both women

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