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More from Great Britain, from television this time:


"Bergerac" S3 E4 "Ice Maiden" (1983)

Liza Goddard is the Ice Maiden and shows some bare butt in this episode. It could have been a body double.

"Bergerac" S4 E5 "Return of the Ice Maiden" (1985)

Liza Goddard returns and goes swimming in her underwear.

"Bergerac" S7 E3 "Tangos in the Night" (1989)

Some minor pokies by Amanda Orton,

Deborah Miles

 and Hetty Baynes.

"Midsomer Murders"

"Midsomer Murders" S12 E2 "The Black Book" (2009)

An unidentified artist's model shows the lot.


"Hi-De-Hi!" S1 E2 "The Beauty Queen Affair" (1981)

Hi-De-Hi! was a funny series set in an English summer camp.

In this episode Nikki Kelly,

 Penny Irving

 and Rikki Howard are topless sunbathing, unfortunately face-down.

"Hi-De-Hi!" S2 E2 "Peggy's Big Chance" (1981)

Nikki Kelly

 and Rikki Howard fill out a bikini nicely.

"Hi-De-Hi!" S2 E5 "A Night Not to Remember" (1981)

Some cleavage by Gail Harrison,

Nikki Kelly

 and Rikki Howard.



A Dangerous Man


Latest Steven Seagal straight-to-DVD released a few days after Groundhog's Day. The poor little critters went straight back into their burrows so that means six more weeks of winter.

Aidan Dee: topless

Various uncredited bimbos: light lesbo action, bikini babe

You Might as Well Live


This tasteless comedy has a lot of frontal nudity but none of it female.

Kristen Hager: sexy only

The Other Woman

(2008 TV movie)

From the my-husband-is-sleeping-with-his-bunnyboiler-intern week on the Wimmin's network.

Josie Bisett: sexy

Lisa Marie Caruk: brassiere

MacKenzie Porter: spreadeagled in tight jeans and blouse

Hot Rod


The only actress worth mentioning is Brittany Tiplady best known as Frank Black's daughter from Millennium also starring Lance Henriksen.

Brittany Tiplady: wipe off that sourpuss face and put her in a bikini and she's prime material for a sex comedy.

Secrets of the Summer House

(2008 TV movie; aka Summer House)

Lindsay Price: bra and panties

Sadie LeBlanc: partial boob

"Cra$h & Burn"

episode: "Til Death"

The first season finale has Linda Kash almost falling out her wedding dress.


episode: "Gravedancing"

(2010 TV episode; s1e3)

pre-BSG episode starts with a foursome but very tame.

Polly Walker & Francoise Yip


(2004; aka Triple Cross)

Black comedy about real-estate agent (Brigitte Paquette) who gets kidnapped.

Veronique Bannon: boob but no nipple

Brigitte Paquette: cleavage tied up with lesbian kiss with Veronique Bannon at the end.


le saison 4, le episode 7

Lots to lesbo action with Isabelle Blais in this episode although it's all tame lipstick lesbian stuff with no nudity.

Isabelle Blais: brassiere

Pascale Coulombe: sweater getting felt up

Stephanie Cloutier: bra and panties

Magalie Bourgeois: sexy


Les Demons


Today the Time Machine goes all the way back to 1972 for "Les Demons." This French flick was directed by Jesus Franco so you know you will get lots of nudity and nasty things happening. We have to "Babes in Bondage" to feature:

First up we have Anne Libert showing it all as she is tortured in a "Dungeon of horrors." Caps and a clip

Then Britt Nichols is raped and then suffers the same fate in the dungeon as Anne Libert did. Lots of full frontal nudity on display. Caps with a clip.






Children of Men


Hope Ashitey 720p film clips (samples below)


Japanese Story


Here is the film clip featuring Toni Collette

Collages below:



Danish Curler Madeleine Dupont

Elaine Chappuis in Gangs of New York

Cameron Diaz in Gangs of New York

Doutzen Kroes

Magdalena Frackowiak

Jessica Blank in Bored to Death, s1e3

Maya Gilbert in Zane's Sex Chronicles

Teri Weigel in Predator 2


Film Clips