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Trading Places


Jamie Lee Curtis: 1920x1080 film clips. Collages below.



Scoop's notes:

One of the great mysteries of the film industry in the 1990s: Whatever happened to John Landis? From 1977 until 1988 it seemed that he could do no wrong. He churned out a constant string of solid comedies, many of them quite memorable. (Well, except maybe for Spies Like Us. But the rest of the list is pretty impressive.)

  1. (7.90) - The Blues Brothers (1980)
  2. (7.60) - Animal House (1978)
  3. (7.50) - An American Werewolf in London (1981)
  4. (7.40) - Trading Places (1983)
  5. (6.80) - Coming to America (1988)
  6. (6.40) - The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)
  7. (6.30) - Into the Night (1985)
  8. (6.00) - íThree Amigos! (1986)
  9. (5.80) - Spies Like Us (1985)

Now look at the films he's made since then. Only Innocent Blood is really watchable. His worst previous film, Spies Like Us, would seem like a comedy masterpiece in the remaining company.

  1. (5.91) - Innocent Blood (1992)
  2. (5.51) - Oscar (1991)
  3. (5.17) - Susan's Plan (1998)
  4. (4.90) - Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)
  5. (4.41) - Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)
  6. (3.74) - The Stupids (1996)

At least he had the good sense to know he wasn't really hitting the target, and he hasn't made a theatrical film since 1998. Strangely enough, after eleven years of drought, he now has three projects with theatrical aspirations in the pipeline, but all three are listed in "pre-production," so its not possible to say what will actually emerge from that list








An Unmarried Woman


Once again the Time Machine goes way back for some screen nudity from a noted actress. Jill Clayburgh shows off her "tiny tots" in "An Unmarried Woman". Caps and two clips.



TV Land

Over in TV Land leggy Amy Robach has a tear in her nylons on the "Today" Show.







Naked Outlaws


Another rarity from Scorp. This is a 60 minute video which presents many of the usual suspects in various stages of undress. The second installment features two clips with Taimie Hannum.

Samples below:








Notes and collages


"Las Vegas"

s3, e21

In the chest department, Christina Hendricks makes Nikki Cox look like a boy, and has a prettier face as well.

Christina even has her own cult based on her character on "Mad Men"









Nina's Tragedies

From Israel comes Nina's Tragedies aka Ha-Asonot Shel Nina (2003).

Plenty of nudity by Ayelet Zurer

and some nice butt from a woman I couldn't identify.


Mad Cows

Mad Cows (1999) is an English movie.

Anna Friel is topless

and Joanna Lumley's floppies are pushed up considerably to give the illusion of cleavage.

There's also a brief upskirt by Hermione Norris



The Hunter

The Hunter aka Okhotnik (2004) is from Kazakhstan, I think the first I've seen from there. I have no idea who the lead actress is as I couldn't read the credits and the IMDb couldn't help. However, she does show that is possible to have sex on a galloping horse. Must be another tradition passed down from Ghenghis Khan and the Mongol hordes.



The Shield

From France we have La Cuirasse aka The Shield (2002). No visible nudity.

Nathalie Jeanselle is topless but facing the wrong way.



The Price to Pay

Also from France is The Price to Pay aka Le Prix Ó payer (2007).

No nudity but Ana´s Demoustier is shown over-stuffing her bra.



Pistol Whipped

Pistol Whipped (2008) is a typical Steven Seagal spectacular.

Alison Chin has a very brief appearance as the 'Naked Woman'.



The Outsider

Some brief breast exposure by Naomi Watts in The Outsider (2002).



Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon (1991) has some nice breast exposure by Mary-Louise Parker

and there are pokies by Sharon Lee Jones.



Armed and Dangerous

No nudity in the John Candy movie Armed and Dangerous (1986).

Meg Ryan looked very good (before the damage).

Other lovely ladies are Judy Landers and K C Winkler,

Teagan Clive,

Christie Dupree

and some unknown aerobics woman.


Hotel Erotica

Kat & Mouse

Today's episode from the soft-core series Hotel Erotica is called Kat & Mouse (2003)

The women who give it up are Ander Paige

and Kennedy Johnston.



Burn Notice

This TV series was set in Miami, which is the excuse for plenty of colour shots featuring barely-dressed women. The lead actress is the English Gabrielle Anwar. Unfortunately, compared to what she looked like when she was younger, Gabrielle looks almost anorexic, accentuated by her boob job. However, there is plenty to admire.

Episode 1 Pilot

Gabrielle Anwar - cleavage

Various Beach Babes - cleavage and pokies

Episode 2 Identity

Gabrielle Anwar - underwear

Cindy Taylor - cleavage

Oona O'Connell - cleavage

Episode 3 Fight of Flight

Gabrielle Anwar - pokies

Episode 4 Old Friends

Gabrielle Anwar - pokies

Episode 5 Family Business

Gabrielle Anwar - cleavage

Hannia Guillen - cleavage

Episode 6 Unpaid Debts

Gabrielle Anwar - pokies

Unidentified eye candy

Episode 7 Broken Rules

Gabrielle Anwar - very sexy

Episode 8 Old Friends

Gabrielle Anwar - cleavage

Episode 9 Hard Bargain

Gabrielle Anwar - pokies

Episode 10 False Flag

Gabrielle Anwar - pokies and side-boobage

Unidentified eye candy

Episodes 11 and 12 Loose Ends

Gabrielle Anwar - pokies








Rosario Dawson is one beautiful woman! Look at her skin, her lips, her teeth, her chest. She's just about flawless. (Nice pokies in this pic.)

Film Clips

Here's Sharon Stone in the obscure Scissors. (Sample right) This film was made in 1991, when Sharon was essentially a nobody. One year later she was possibly the most famous actress in the world. Dr Hunter Thompson always said that he didn't recommend drugs, booze, guns and smoking for everyone, but they always worked for him. I don't know if I would recommend exposing the ol' coochie to every actress, but it sure worked for Sharon.

On second thought, I would recommend it to every actress.

Well, on third thought, maybe not Kathy Bates or Dakota Fanning or Betty White - but almost all of the others.

Sarah Deakins in The Unsaid