Vivir sin Permiso

s1e1, 1080hd

Giulia Charm

s2e4, 1080hd

Frankie Shaw


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s5e6, 1920x1080

Mary-Louise Parker


"Room Service"

Room Service (1979) was a short-lived British comedy show despite being written by the legendary Jimmy Perry. It wasn’t particularly funny, which is why it only lasted one season. The show is about the comings and goings of the staff in a hotel.

Episode 6

Judi Maynard

Toby Robins

Sensual Encounters of Every Kind

Mariwin Roberts was an early Penthouse Pet who made a few softcore movies; Sensual Encounters is decidedly hardcore, but Mariwin spends about five minutes all by her little lonesome with something the size of .22 caliber bullet.

Mariwin Roberts film clip (collage below)




Johnny's comments:

Re-watched it. Forgot how metaphysical Tierra was, lots of talk of angels and ghosts and quite a few surreal moments usually involving lightning before it turns into a love triangle.

Silke Klein film clip (collages below)

Emma Suarez film clip (sample below)

Lady Gaga in A Star is Born (2018). This clip is only one second long, but is in 2160hd, and has been enhanced. The capture below will give you a good look at Gaga's labia majora.

Mel Heflin in Predatory Moon (2017) in 1080hd

Inma Cuesta in La Novia (2015) in 1080hd