In al honesty, I don't know what Jean Simmons' skinny dip looked like when this film was projected on American screens in 1960, but if it looked like this, Kubrick was really pushing the boundaries of what he could get away with. This clip has been taken from the 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray.



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Your Friends and Neighbors


Amy Brenneman

Not HD, but this is pretty much your only chance to see brief, dark glimpses of the breasts and bush of the Private Practice / Grey's Anatomy star. (She did bare her butt in the pilot episode of NYPD Blue, way back in 1993, in the days before the FCC assumed dictatorial and puritanical censorship authority over such matters.)




Hotel Erotica Cabo

Hotel Erotica Cabo was the name given to the third series in the Hotel Erotica soft-core TV show. The show is essentially about two women, played by Micah Miller (aka Divini Rae) and Kimberly Kay (aka Kimberly Fisher), who run a hotel. The rest of the show is variations on the theme of the guests getting their clobber off. These four episodes finish off all I have of this series:

Episode 7 - Chocolate Covered Cherries

Angela Bartolomeo - naked

Christy Patrick - naked

Kimberly Kay - breasts

Micah Miller - breasts

Ria Solva - nice

Episode 8 - Skin Deep

Jessica Jaymes - breasts

Kimberly Kay - breasts

Micah Miller - breasts

Rachel Elizabeth - the lot


Episode 9 - Stolen Kisses

Kelly Brown - naked

Kimberly Kay - naked

Micah Miller - naked but crotch patch

Episode 11 - Whole Lotto Love

Kira - naked


Melissa Montgomery - naked

Unknown - topless


"La pornographie des ames"

(aka Bare Naked Souls)

Sensual play directed by Dave St-Pierre from Montreal with a lot of nudity. There are a number of stills and a few videoclips on the internet but they only cover a small fraction of this large body of work. Some of the nudie Montreal performance artists are:

Eugenie Beaudry

Eugenie Beaudry (poster)

Sarah Lefebvre

Julie Perron

Sophie Dales

Camille Loiselle-D'Aragon

Aude Riolaned

Enrica Boucher

Karina Champoux

Marie-Eve Quilicot

Emmanuelle Bourassa-Beaudoin

fat woman


  • Some of the above in other works:
  • Sarah Lefebvre: nude doing high kicks in the play "Alice sureXposee"



  • Sarah Lefebvre: rock hard pokies in music video



  • Sophie Dales: nude in the play "Le Poulet contre la societe"

  • (The Chicken Against the Company)


Others have performed in the Bare Naked Souls show, but I couldn't ID or find stills of them. They include Josianne Latreille, Emilie Gilbert, Eve Pressault, Laura Lacoste, Julie Carrier, Anne Theriault, Genevieve Belanger, and Veronique Lavallee.



Virgin Territory


1080 HD

Kate Groombridge film clips (samples below)


Silvia Colloca and Chiara Gensini film clip (samples below)

Katy Saunders and Elisabetta Canalis film clip (sample below)

Maimie McCoy film clip (sample below)



Film Clips

Still in theaters: Mini Anden in The Mechanic (pretty decent quality from a R5 DVD, see below)

Hot off the TV: Heather Chadwell in Funny or Die Presents, s2e6 (720p, see below)

Just out of theaters: Elsa Pataky in DiDi Hollywood, the latest from Bigas Luna. (European DVD quality, see below)

Georgina Reilly in This Movie is Broken (2010, 720p, see below)

Nude Nuns With Big Guns has a 2010 date, but was inexplicably ignored by the Oscar committee. The clip features Asun Ortega and Sarah Emmons (720p)

Thora Kleinert and Babett Arnold in Rosas Hoellenfahrt (2009; samples below)

Brenda Bakke in Hot Shots, Part Deux (1993) in 720p

Two from Kalifornia (1993) in 1080p:

Michelle Forbes

Juliette Lewis

Four from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982)

Terri Treas

Anne Gaybis


Dolly Parton (non-nude but, hey, it's Dolly Parton)

Three from Det Tossede Paradis. Denmark was a lot more daring than the USA in 1962

Lotte Tarp (sample below)

Lone Hertz (sample below)

Ghita Norby, not nude, but she's probably Denmark's biggest film star (sample below)





Kayte Walsh wardrobe malfunction (she's Kelsey Grammer's latest love)


Peggy Ann in Brick Doll House (1967)


Helena Clayton in Brick Doll House

Lee Cory in Brick Doll House

Frankie O'Brien in Brick Doll House

Tina Vienna in Brick Doll House