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The Cold Room

There is no visible nudity in The Cold Room (1984). Amanda Pays is topless but is facing the wrong way as she takes a bath.

Don't Open 'Til Christmas

Don't Open 'Til Christmas (1984) shows some breasts by two women,

Pat Astley

and an unidentified woman who ended up a corpse.

Kelly Baker shows a bit of leg.

The Fourth Protocol

Joanna Cassidy ends up another topless corpse in the thriller The Fourth Protocol (1987).

Scoop's note: here's a film clip

A Good Murder

Some nice breast exposure by Juliet Aubrey in the telemovie A Good Murder (2006)


and Amanda Brewster flashes a bit of leg.

London Kills Me

There is hint of bush by Emer McCourt as she is taking a bath in London Kills Me (1991).

There is also a woman at an art show opening who, for some reason, has to be naked.

Moon Zero Two

No nudity in Moon Zero Two (1969) but Adrienne Corri,

Amber Dean Smith,

Catherina von Schell

and Simone Silvera show some nice cleavage.

On the Game

On the Game (1974) is supposed to be some sort of documentary on the history of prostitution.

There are lots of naked women including:

Fiona Victory,


Gloria Walker,

June Palmer,

Louise Page,


Mandy Murfitt,

Natalie Shaw,


Nicola Austine,

Pat Montgomery,

Val Penny,

and there are lots of unidentified women.


Perfect Day: The Millennium

Not a lot of visible nudity in Perfect Day: The Millennium (2006).

Jemima Rooper is topless but you can't really see anything.

Some lovely cleavage by Claire Goose,

Claire Keelan

and Josephine Butler.


Kim Neve

and an unknown women have their top off in Quadrophenia (1979).


Some brief breast exposure by Amanda Ryan in Sparkle (2007).


A few naked women in Stardust (1974) but I couldn't identify them.


Natasha Henstridge

and Jennifer Rae Westley are topless in Steal aka Riders (2002)

The Truth About Love

The most notable thing about The Truth About Love (2004) is Jennifer Love Hewitt's appalling English accent. I couldn't quite work out whether it was actually her or dubbed, but it was a shocker.

There is no visible nudity. JLH did look good when getting a massage,


as did Kate Miles.

Branka Katic shows a bit of cleavage.

Voyage of the Damned

No nudity in the unfortunate story of the Voyage of the Damned (1976).

Faye Dunaway,

Katharine Ross

and Lynne Frederick look good and are in different stages of undress.



Alien Abduction


A little "Babe in Bondage" for today.

Megan Lee Ethridge is tied down topless in "Alien Abduction' and gets a little shock treatment. Caps with a clip.




TV Land

Over in TV Land Cheryl Hines with some leg & thigh as she visits. Conan on the Tonight Show. She is a hot MILF. Caps and a HD clip.







The Piano


Holly Hunter 1080p film clips (samples below)




Film Clips

Mary Legault in Blame it on Brazil

Shauna MacDonald in The Rocket Post

Greta Scacchi in White Mischief

Natalia Tena in Afterlife

Susan George in The Strange Affair. The quality is not so good, but this is rare. It was Susan's first screen nudity, and this is the first time I've ever seen it in motion.