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s4e13, 1920x1080

Mary-Louise Parker

Scoop's note: there is also an enhanced, edited  version of this clip

This week continuing the British, with movies from the last century.

Sid and Nancy


Chloe Webb is topless in Sid and Nancy.

Looking good are Anne Lambton,

Michele Winstanley

and an unidentified woman.

Class of 74


(Text links lead to film clips)

Brainscan's comments:

Class of '74 was a teensploitation that featured Barbara Mills in several scenes worthy of the Funhouse.

Linda York has a brief scene (no film clip),

as do an uncredited dancer

and Sandy Bowen

(no sample)

Pat Woodell shows up partially uncovered (no sample), which might mean very little to most of us until you look her up on IMDb and learn she was one of the original daughters of Kate in Petticoat Junction. 


The Specialist


Sharon Stone film clip (collages below)

Anne Hathaway (or a double) in Serenity (2019) in 1080hd

Lara Flynn Boyle and Katherine Kousi in Threesome (1994) in 1080hd