The Room


There isn't much to say about this movie that has not already been said. Many have called it the worst movie ever made, and it has generated a cult following that rivals the 1970s mania for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. People attend midnight showings in costume, with handfuls of props. They recite the dialogue along with the actors, and laugh until they ache.

What makes this film memorably great/bad is the same thing that has made us remember Plan 9 From Outer Space long after other bad movies have been forgotten - that it is not bad because it was lacking the money to be better, or because it was trying to be bad, but because the auteur was both utterly sincere and utterly clueless. Like Ed Wood of Plan 9, The Room's writer/director Tommy Wiseau thought he was the Shakespeare of his time. And like Wood, Wiseau was and is so eccentric, so far from the mainstream, that his concept of normality is utterly unrecognizable and utterly bizarre to the rest of us.

The ample female nudity was provided by Juliette Danielle, who has needed about a decade away from films to recover from the merciless savaging she has received for her part in the complete shambles that is The Room. Her post-Room life, and her ultimate acceptance of the humor inherent in the whole experience, has been nicely summed up in this article.

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