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Volver is an ensemble comedy/drama from Spain's most famous director, Pedro Almodovar. A woman (Penelope Cruz) lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Madrid. When the husband tries to rape the daughter (Yohana Cobo), the daughter kills him, and mom hides the body. Mother and daughter as well as mother's sister (Carmen Maura) have recently visited their village to clean the gravestone of their parents, and to visit some elderly relatives. The sister is an illegal hairdresser, working out of her home. Their parents supposedly died in a fire, but there are persistent rumors that their mother has returned from the dead, and has been taking care of her own sister. When that particular aunt dies, Carmen Maura goes to the funeral, and finds her dead mom in the car when she gets home. Before the film is over, everyone learns a bunch of family secrets.

Critics were enthusiastic, the academy nominated it for an Oscar, and the film won 41 awards and 46 other nominations. It nearly swept the Goyas, winning best film, best director, best lead actress, best original score and best supporting actress. While I agree that this is a fine film, I don't think it is Almodovar's best effort to date. My pick would be Habla Con Ella.

IMDb: 7.7.

Yohana Cobo shows her right breast when her drunken father spies on her in the bathroom.

Scoop's note: Here's a film clip of the scene, albeit not a very good one.








Barbarian Queen 2


Today is part two of what will be a Lana Clarkson trilogy as we look at "Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back". Made four years after the original, it is not a sequel as the characters are all different, but our heroine still stalks the woods in her short skirt and cleavage-exposing tops.

Once again the late Lana Clarkson bares her magnificent bosom in several scenes and then once again winds up topless on the rack. Caps and three clips.

Tomorrow we look at Deathstalker.







Notes and collages


Courteney Cox

Episode 211

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The day's top story: here's Lohan naked, mimicking Marilyn, various scans and collages:

I had no idea her breasts were that big.

From The Gent:

Hey Scoop!

I was watching "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith and Gene Hackman and I realized that no one has ever (to my knowledge, at least) capped the scene in the lingerie store. So I did. Now THIS is my idea of what the staff in a lingerie store should dress like! (Victoria's Secret... take a memo!)

The Gent

Some recent efforts from Mr. Skin:

Some interesting caps of oft-naked Sean Young in Threat of Exposure, with a film clip.

Some caps of Kelly McGillis with some extremely brief nudity in The Babe. with a film clip

Eurofilm legend Senta Berger in La Padrona e servita

Some Michelle Borth nudity before Tell Me You Love me. The film is Silent Warnings.

Eva Longoria bikini. Meh.

A bit of Paris Hilton butt from her 27th birthday bash.
Scarlett Johansson in A Love Song for Bobby Long
Opera singer Suzanne McNaughton on the London stage in Orlando
A film clip of Deanna Russo in The Believers. Sample right.
A lot more film clips: