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Wild Camp

Wild Camp (2005), originally Camping Sauvage, is a French drama rumored to be inspired by a newspaper article about a real event. Isild Le Besco (Girls Can't Swim, Right Now, Roberto Succo) is a ripe teenaged sexpot living in a summer camp with her parents. Dad seems to be an employee. She is dating a boy her age, but is less than satisfied. They hire a new sailing instructor, Dennis Levant, whose face looks like it has been tenderized with a hammer, and who seems anti-social. He is married to the sister of the camp owner, and evidently needs the job. Isild is somewhat attracted to him, and much more so when everyone tries to force them apart. Eventually, he is run off, and she elects to go with him. The film does not have a "feel good" ending.

Isild Le Besco shows breasts in three scenes, but looks finger-licking good the entire film. She has also garnered a host of acting awards for her transformation into the perfect young sexpot. Unfortunately, this is about all the film has going for it. The events play out predictably, and Dennis Levant was not given enough to work with. The whole thing is so lacking in detail and character development that it seems as if the newspaper article must have been the entire script.

But is worth a quick look for Le Besco's performance and appearance.


It is presented in French with optional English subtitles.

IMDb voters say 5.5.

Isild leBesco











We take a little Time Machine travel today, back to 1988 to see the venerable Kim Cattrall when she was young and fresh. She's naked in bed, but really all we see are her breasts.  It is my sad duty to report that the butt you can just barely see in the thumbnails belongs to Rob Lowe.

Oh, well. Not everything in life is perfect.








The Hunger

(episode: The Lighthouse-Keeper)

Having had his heart broken, a man (Bruce Davison) takes on the job of a lighthouse keeper but during a hurricane, he starts having psychological problems that cause bizarre behavior. He believes a  woman named Amanda (Simone-Elise Girard) will come to make him happy.

Simone-Elise Girard







Notes and collages

"Wonder Woman"

Here are 40 collages as a start; more to come. Ms. Carter is one of those women who is attractive regardless of what she is wearing; I hope you like these images... for whatever chemistry explains it, I adore this woman: flesh, voice, manner ... point of view ... one of my earliest paintings was of her as Wonder Woman ... she rocks ...


Scoop's note: I don't think you'll get much argument. She's one of those classic beauties who seems to appeal to just about everyone. Not many guys will say, "She's not my type."











Eve Pressault-Chalifoux











Laura Allen in an episode of Dirt
Tara Reid appears to have worked her way back into condition  
Zuleikha Robinson in the Feb 11 episode of Rome (video below)
Katie Jones in Flight of Fury (video below)
Danielle Petty in The Mailman (video below)
Danielle Petty and Diana Kauffman in The Mailman (video below)


We'll start out by catching up on the new seasons of the naughtier cable shows.

Rome has not had as much nudity in season two, but Zuleikha Robinson got her clothes off last Sunday, and Kerry Condon finally stripped down yesterday.

On Deadwood's third season, we've seen a bit too much of Calamity Jane's body for my taste. Robin Weigert got naked in episode two, and then again in episode seven (with Kim Dickens bathing her, then kissing her. Kind of a charming scene!) Elsewhere in the series, here Paula Malcolmson in episode eleven and Cynthia Ettinger in episode five.

On to the new movies:

The Mailman: "A cunning psychopath with more than an axe to grind murders and replaces the kindly mailman in a small, placid town." Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I'm kinda hoping Blockbuster passes on this one so I won't have to watch it.  Anyway, here's the clips. One with Danielle Petty and the other with Petty and Diana Kauffman

Flight of Fury is yet another Steven Segal film made in Bucharest. He and Wesley Snipes must be about half of Romania's Gross National Product. Maybe more than half when you consider how much Segal must eat. Here's Katie Jones.

And a couple of classics:

Sweetie is a Jane Campion movie made back in the eighties, before The Piano made her famous. I plucked these clips out of Usenet. It's supposed to be a good film but I have not seen it, and don't plan to unless you guys have some great urge to hear about it. Tuna likes Campion's movies more than I do, so maybe he'll get an urge to take it on as a project. The nudity comes from Karen Colston and Genevieve Lemon

If you've seen Rose McGowan lately, you realize that she's only a shadow of her ripe former self. She still looks good now with her supermodel figure, but I kinda liked the old, round Rosie. Here she is with plenty of attitude in the film that made her an indie legend, The Doom Generation.