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Happy Presidents' Day, Americans. Here's hoping you get a great deal on a new mattress, thus fulfilling a personal dream both Lincoln and Washington had for the glorious young republic they helmed through its darkest days.

Yesterday was a slow day by Sunday standards. We've already seen episode five of Californication, and there was no meaningful nudity on House of Lies or Girls. (I'm just guessing on Girls because Zorg and DeepAtSea did nothing. I have yet to watch the show myself.)

Check out Defoe's French nudity column below for the French mini-series Tiger Lily.

That leaves us with Shameless, s3e5, which did not disappoint!

Emmy Rossum showed her breasts (briefly, but sweatily!)

Stephanie Fantauzzi chipped in with T&A

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


How to Deal



Mandy Moore

Comments by Brainscan:

Cover Me Girls is a disc that has three of the 13 episodes of, a Zalman King series that ran on Showtime in 2002.  This show blew chunks, industrial strength puke, the production of which usually requires zero gravity or one serious theme park ride.  It is self-consciously arty like that scrawny white guy we've all seen, with Rasta hair and metal stuck in his face who digs up a tree stump and sprays it with Krylon and submits it to the local art show.  If you have to ask what the fuck it means you just are not worthy of beholding its magnificence.  Zalman King pretty much said that at one point, when around episode three, someone asked him "What is this crap?"

Now if he'd remained true to his calling and had gotten major hot gals to take off their clothes and strut their stuff, we would ever so forgiving of his pretensions.  But no.  None of the principal players does anything more than wear a bra that might have some see-thru elements to it - that would be former Hefmate, Summer Altice.  All other nekkidness if provided by gals who show up for an episode or two, or women who often look just fine but pass through, unnamed.  Of the three episodes in this disc, two give us some uncoverage.  The episode that gives the disc its title has Karla Jensen, Melissa Manzana (she is the apple of someone's eye, I would bet), Paqui Cabanilla and Natividad Naevez (sharing a shower; do not know who is which) and a triplet of unknowns.

Paqui Cabanilla and Natividad Naevez film clip, collage below

Karla Jensen film clip, collage below

Summer Altice collage

Melissa Manzano collage

various unknowns, stills only

A second episode, I Like To Watch, has a stellar beauty named Anastasia Sarisibar in see-through action, a hard-locking gal named Alona Thill-Miroshnychenko showing T and A, and another unknown. 

Anastasia Sarisibar film clip, collages below

Alona Thill-Miroshnychenko film clip, collage below

unknown, no film clip

The third episode ain't got doodlie-squat when it comes to logic, or a story, or talent or anything interesting, including nekkidness.  Bottom line here: the series was awful and the three episodes in this disc set the standard for anything atrocious that would ever follow, in this of any subsequent century.


This week's clips from Defoe:

Florence Thomassin in Tiger Lily (2013 miniseries) in 1080p

Ginger Roman in Les Lezards (2012) in 1080hd

Judith Chemla in Camille Redouble (2012) in 1080p


Scene 16


This is a new short film from Tropfest 2013. The good news: Emma Booth topless! (collage below)


Pics and Collages

Two more models wearing body paint swimsuits:

Christine Teigen

Alyssa Miller


Regina Demina in Dame de Trefle (2012)

Marie-Christine Letort in Dame de Trefle

Audrey Rollier in Dame de Trefle

Stephanie Stevenin in Dame de Trefle

Vahina Giocante in Secret Defense