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I Melt With You


Television and the internet are filled with ads for anti-depression treatments, but callously ignore those who want to feel more depressed. If you can count yourself in that latter group, here's the movie for you: extended drug sequences, horrible secrets, failed lives, suicides - everything you need to ruin that progress you've been making at AA and/or with your therapist. Just one viewing should send you back to you brother-in-law's couch for an unshaven month of masturbation after the drunken binge which will be necessary to erase this film from your memories.

I Melt With You is a film which debuted at Sundance last year, was received coldly, made no deals, and virtually disappeared until now. I can see why it has not succeeded. It's often as annoying as it is depressing, but it does feature a nude scene with four pretty significant male stars: Tom Jane, Jeremy Piven, Christian McKay, and Rob Lowe. There's also a bizarre three-way sex scene with two guys and Sasha Grey. Do you remember those scenes in hippie-era films which attempted to duplicate the experience of having or trying to have sex on acid? Sure you do, if you're old enough. The scenes would be filled with sitar music and black light posters and trippy camera tricks like exaggerated zooms, color distortions and fish-eye lens shots. If you were lucky, those groovy, far-out effects didn't totally ruin the nudity for you.

Well, if you really miss that kind of action, this scene is for you.

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Wild Things


Scoop's note: Has it really been 14 years? Wow. I guess that explains why Denise Richards has crow's feet.

(Follow up: Holy Shit. I just checked her IMDb entry. She turned 41 yesterday!)

This is possibly my all-time favorite exploitation movie, possibly excluding Road House. Aesthete presents it with the uncut pool scene, all in 1080p.

Denise Richards

Richards and Neve Campbell

Theresa Russell


Not my work. Just sharing some Aida Yespica calendars. Today, 2005



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Some publicity stills from the Star Wars XXX parody

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