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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







The Abandoned


If you assume that a ghost story produced in Russia using a mostly Russian cast, but done in English, would not be very good, you'd be wrong, because this 2006 horror/mystery/thriller has a fairly unique storyline, and is quite good.

A woman who was adopted in Russia as a baby, raised in England, then migrated to America, returns to her native Russia to take possession of the family farm. She knows nothing of her real family, but learns from the attorney handling the farm that her mother had been murdered by her father right after her birth, 42 years ago.

Once at the farm, strange things begin to happen, as she encounters a man who claims to be her twin brother. Soon, they begin to see ghosts, including their own! And, how can that be? They're not dead....yet.

I was surprised at how good this flick is, for its genre. If you like this type of movie, you'll want to catch The Abandoned.

Marta Yaneva






Barbarian Queen


Today we have a "Babes in Bondage" classic with lots of breasts and tied-up ladies.

The late Lana Clarkson starred in this cult epic with her never-to-be-forgotten topless rack scene.

 Caps and three clips.

(Scoop's note: here's some bonus clips of Lana Clarkson in Barbarian Queen 2)

More tits from Dawn Dunlap as she also got captured and bound and gagged.


Susana Traverso shows the boobs as a "Damsel in Distress".

Katt Shea also in trouble as her breasts are groped by two bad guys.

Caps and a clip.

We wind it up with an unknown topless babe who has been tormented by a creepy old guy.







Notes and collages


Lisa Kudrow

Episode 209

Episode 208

Episode 207









Private Dances 3

This time: Danni Ashe

Scoop's note: I always used to get a kick out of Danni's claim to be the most downloaded woman on the internet. The total amount of downloads she claimed, even if accurate, was lower than the number of daily downloads of Jennifer Connelly from my site alone. Of course, that was back when both the Funhouse and the Encyclopedia were free sites, so we had some mammoth numbers, and Connelly was the most popular woman on the site in the mid-90s, but still ... my site must have represented only a tiny percentage of total Connelly downloads. I guess Danni meant she was the most downloaded non-famous woman.

film clip









Two sets of film clips from The Good Humour Man: Cameron Richardson and Claire Titelman
If you have been following Tuna's coverage of giant-breasted Dyanne Thorne in the Ilsa series, here are some film clips to go with the collages:

Natalie Portman at the premiere of The Other Boleyn Girl

Paris Hilton doing Hiltonesque things at her 27th birthday party.
Three sets of film clips from The Night Buffalo, with sample to the right in each case. Here is extensive film footage of Liz Gallardo.
Film footage of Camila Sodi in the Night Buffalo
Film footage of Irene Azuela in the Night Buffalo
Film footage of Sigrid Alegria in Sexo con Amor. Sample right.
Film footage of Severine Caneele in L'Humanite. Sample right.

Here's Johnny Moronic's take on Milla Jovovich in 45 (very large download). Mr. Moronic's collages follow.