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Shattered Image

Shattered Image (1994-TV) is a made-for-cable thriller staring Bo Derek. If that isn't enough to put you off, Bo's acting was the best thing about the film. Bo is an ex model, and married to a rich garment designer, but not getting along with him. He is kidnapped. The kidnappers are serious, as evidenced by them sending Bo his pinky finger. The FBI agent in charge, Jack Scalia, soon discovers that hubby had embezzled $20M from the company. Then we are let in on a secret. His partner and Bo planned the kidnapping. When the FBI closes in on the kidnappers, they drive through a garage door, run over Scalia's partner, and then run over a cliff and explode. The FBI wants to close the case, but not our man Scalia. There are several twists and turns before this one is over, and you might want to keep a score card as it goes along. Write in pencil, and have a big eraser handy.

Bo Derek shows breasts and buns in a dark sex scene, a breast in a hot tub, and pokies the rest of the time.

IMDb readers say 4.8. Keep in mind that TV offerings generally are rated higher than movies, which will give you an idea of the quality of this one. Honestly, I like looking at Bo as much as the next guy, but a little acting could have gone a long way toward making this watchable.

This is a low C-. And that's very generous.

Bo Derek









Woman of Desire

Scoop, you are a man of strong will. For the rest of us here are some more caps of the absolutely delicious Bo Derek naked in "Bolero" to fantasize over.







The Seduction

In 1982, Morgan Fairchild was young, beautiful, and sexy, and that's probably reason enough to watch her do some nude and sexy scenes in this lame, predictable, and not very thrilling thriller.

She plays Jaime, a TV newscaster who is stalked by an obsessed photographer who becomes convinced that she is in love with him, although she doesn't even know him. Eventually, his advances become more menacing as she tries to rid herself of this problem, to no avail.

Yeah, it's been done before and since, but much better. It's tame and lame, even the nudity is very restrained, and is probably best used as a way to get some nice eyeball time of Fairchild.

Morgan Fairchild







Three For One

(aka: Tre pesci, una gatta nel letto che scotta)

"Three for One" is an italian sex comedy that was shot in English (sometimes very poor English). Three chauvinistic hunks get their comeuppance by the same woman, someone they used to taunt in school for being ugly, but who grew out of her bad looks into a stunning beauty.

The caps look unalike, but they are all Martina Castel. Her character passes herself off as three different women to the trio of lusty horn-dogs, each in search of his "ideal woman," and preys on each man's individual tastes. The guys can't help themselves, of course, and repeatedly bed down with their "ideal woman." Naturally, each guy guards his respective girl, keeping her under wraps from the other two, these guys are friends, but they don't trust each other at all. And it's not long before each guy is talking about marriage, but Ms. Castel is only looking for sweet vengeance.



Martina Castel







Transporter 2

No real nudity in Transporter 2 (2005). Amber Valletta shows a bit of  cleavage, such as it is

and Kate Nauta shows a little bit of see-through and builder's crack.


Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) is a Russ Meyer film but is disappointing as there is no nudity, just lots of big breasted women. So enjoy in black and white


Tura Satana

Lori Williams

and Susan Bernard.



Some brief breast exposure by Tina Holmes as she has a quickie in the toilet in Keane (2004).

Night Watch

Night Watch aka Nochnoy Dozor (2004) is an above-average Russian horror film. The topless nudity comes from Galina Tyunina as she takes a bath after changing from an owl to a human.

Zhanna Friske, I  gather, is a Russian singer and she shows a lot of leg with her revealing outfit.

The Internet shows that she is a regular at taking some of her clothes off.



Some pokies by Courteney Cox in November (2004).

Dear Wendy

Some nice breast exposure by Alison Pill in Dear Wendy (2005). (Zipped .avi)


The Snow Walker

An upskirt by Kiersten Warren in the gripping but sad movie The Snow Walker (2003).

See Arnold Run

No nudity in See Arnold Run (2005), just pokies and cleavage by

Mariel Hemingway

Tisha Vaculin

Nicole DeHuff

and Mary Carey.


Rag Tale

Rag Tale (2005) is an arty-farty movie as you can see by the caps. Two models are seen topless and I can't be certain of their names as there are no independent pictures of them that I could find on the Internet. I'm assuming the credits are in their correct order when we see Agnes Concaro's silicone fun bags

and Marie Costelloe's much smaller offering. (Zipped .avi)

Hotel Erotica - Lust takes a holiday

Finishing up with episodes of Hotel Erotica, we have Lust Takes a Holiday (2002), from the first series.

Plenty of nakedness by Janie Rau

Lauren Hays

and Beverly Lynne.


Hotel Erotica - Maid Service

From the second series ...

Nudity provided by Monique Alexander, one of the best-looking porn stars

Roxanne Hall

 and Tina Leiu (aka Tina Wiseman).







Liebe auf den 2. Blick (2002)

I found this while surfing for some german sheister porn (not really). This direct-to-video is only listed in German websites with the title translating to "Love at Second Sight." It has a Canadian cast with the two German co-directors as the male leads. One of them who was lucky enough to have a fully clothed sex scene with Gabrielle Miller from Corner Gas.



Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby (1999)

The gimp girl sporting some serious cameltoe was played by Amber Warnat, who's the sister of Kimberley Warnat, who doffed her bikini top in "National Lampoon's Going the Distance".



Insecticidal (2005)

Grade-D giant bug horror.

Meghan_Heffern is somewhat sexy as nerd with glasses

while Samantha McLeod (Snakes on a Plane) shows a lot of cleavage as her lesbian sister.

Nudity by Rhonda Dent

Natalia Walker

Anna Farrant

and Chris Guy who is not to be confused with the male NWA wrestler.



The Covenant: Brotherhood of Evil (2006)

Nudity by Sandra Steier

while Chandra West opted for a body double.




Desolation Sound (2005)


First time career nudity by the waifish Helene Joy.



Phobia (1980)

Couple of IDs. The nipply hostage is Diana Reis

while Miss Toronto Colleen Embree is wearing sheer nightgown in rape video.



Hell Hath No Fury (2006)

Follow-up to the rape-revenge videonasty short "Torched" which was so graphic it only got released in
Eastern Europe, see at your own discretion as it contains a graphic dork shot. (USA DVD release March 6, 2007.) No nudie pics of the lead Michelle Bobeck, but here some underwear pics of another starlet from both films, Tamara Pender from "Human Nature".



"Naked Josh" season 3

Sarah Manninen has some more fully clothed lesbian sex with Patricia McKenzie




I think this was missed. Once again here is a pre-SNL Victoria Jackson in her grannie panties.




"Night Heat" Episode: "Neighbors".

Another trip in the wayback machine. Catherine Swing dancing in her leotards in 1986. She was crowned Miss Canada in 1978 but she will always be playing second fiddle to the third runner-up, Miss Ottawa Valley, later known as future Hefmag Hefmate and actress Shannon Tweed.








 Un crabe dans la tÍte

Pic writes, "Here's a movie from Quebec, with one of my favorite actresses, Isabelle Blais."



Iabelle Blais









Gorgeous model Malgosia Bela
A few Ginger Spice classics
Oft-Oscar-nominated Marsha Mason in Blume in Love

Follow up on Elizabeth Montgomery. Here she is in Between the Darkness and the Dawn
Add the Lizzie Borden film and you have Montgomery's entire nude career.
Nectar Rose in Roman


Kicking and Screaming features nudity from Perrey Reeves and Kaela Dobkin

Linda Hamilton in Black Moon Rising

Nadine Germann in Night of the Living Dorks

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints features nudity from Eleonore Hendricks and Julia Garro. Samples below.

Eleonore Hendricks Julia Garro