Doom Patrol

s1e1, 1080hd

Ashley Dougherty - both scenes

We covered the first scene yesterday. An additional capture from the second scene is seen below

Naked News

Feb 15th, 1080hd

Roxanne auditioned

Mary Queen of Scots

2018, 1080hd

The first 1080hd look at the Saoirse Ronan see-thru, which may consist of prosthetic breasts.


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s3e13, 1920x1080

Mary-Louise Parker

This week continuing the British, with movies from the last century.

Splitting Heirs


Splitting Heirs has Catherine Zeta-Jones

and Louise Downey baring their bum.

Barbara Hershey

and an unidentified street walker show some cleavage.




aka Outlaws


Johnny's comments:

1% is a bikie drama where Paddo (Ryan Corr), currently the president of the Copperheads motorcycle gang, runs into a problem thanks to his dimwitted brother Skink (Josh McConville) who steals drugs from Sugar (Aaron Pedersen). Sugar offers Paddo a deal to get Skink off and also be beneficial to the gang which Paddo's girlfriend Katrina (Abbey Lee) encourages him to take the offer to Knuck (Matt Nable), the actual president of the gang who is in his last days of a three year prison sentence, where he seems receptive. Knuck gets out of prison and moves back with his wife Hayley (Simone Kessell) but prison has changed him and he now has a predilection for young men. He also wants to take control of the gang once more and his first decision is to reject Sugar's deal. At a party celebrating Knuck's return, Skink breaks the no drug rule at the club house and is kicked out of the gang. This puts Paddo in a tenuous situation where he has to decide between his allegiance to the gang and his brother and with Katrina pushing strongly for Paddo to make a move, things are going to end badly, but for whom?

OK bikie movie written by Nable (previously wrote the rugby drama The Final Winter) who is heading back into similar territory as he did when he starred in the TV series Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms. There's some decent tension between Paddo and Knuck, Abbey Lee is pretty good as a Lady Macbeth-type character and there's an interesting subplot involving Knuck becoming gay because of his time in prison. There are a few silly moments, notably the ending which ends rather anticlimactically and Skink is a pretty uninteresting character, mainly around to be the bane of his brother's existence. But, it's still an OK movie.

Sadly, the videos are not in full HD yet but 1% gets released in Australia next week so I should be able to get a better copy soon.

Abbey Lee film clip (samples below)

Simone Kessell film clip (sample below)


Judith Chemla in Miroir mon amour (2012) in 1080hd

Lauren Cohan in Casanova (2005) in 1080hd

Sigourney Weaver in Alien Resurrection (1997; a screen test from the DVD extras)

Anna Falchi in Giovani e belli (1996)

Aurore Clement in Lacombe Lucien (1974) in 1080hd

Linda Kozlowski in Zorn

Annalynne McCord