National Lampoon's Dirty Movie

2011 or something

For those of us who went to college in the late sixties and early seventies, it is truly heartbreaking to see what has happened to The National Lampoon brand. In the magazine's early days, it was edgy, funny, original, and very often downright brilliant - imagine a smarter, totally uncensored version of the kind of material Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert do today. The writers included such comic geniuses as Doug Kenney and Michael O'Donoghue. When the company branched out into films, it mined the talents of some other terrific, if more mainstream, writers like Chris Miller and John Hughes, and made some flicks which are now beloved classics: Vacation and Animal House. There was a time when comedy junkies like me would buy anything with The National Lampoon name on it, knowing that at its very worst it would be better than just about any other source of humor, and at its best would be at the very zenith of American humor in the 20th century.

The years have not been kind to the franchise. In fact, the brand has been so mismanaged that the name now means the opposite of what it once meant. People like me automatically stay away from anything prefixed by "The National Lampoon presents," knowing that at its best it will not be worthwhile and at its worst it will be heavy-handed, juvenile, trite, obvious, and generally unfunny. More depressing to me than any of those adjectives is the fact that their material is now just plain dumb. The brand which was once unafraid to publish Jean-Paul Sauvage, Philosopher Detective, has now become a receptacle for elementary school playground humor. Worst of all, they don't just develop their own weak projects, but they also slap their once-revered brand name on after-the-fact, thus bestowing their blessing on weak projects developed by others. Why? Presumably they get a few bucks for the use of their name.

This is one of the worst, possibly THE worst in a long line of bad, sophomoric films released with the Lampoon imprimatur. It's such an amateurish effort at comedy that it would embarrass those two guys who made Epic Movie and Date Movie. Even Carlos Mencia wouldn't steal these jokes.

It is a film about making a film. The film-within-a-film, which occupies much of the running time, is a compilation of tasteless old-fashioned jokes delivered as non sequiturs, without a storyline. The jokes are the ones you and your friends exchanged at recess in the seventh grade. It is, more or less, a hard-R version of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. Pretty hip material, eh? This is the kind of project that could have played on drive-ins in the 70s, starring some washed-up vaudevillians like Keefe Braselle or Pinky Lee, with cameos by Henry Gibson and JoAnne Worley. The real National Lampoon guys of that time would have ridiculed it mercilessly if they chanced upon it, which they probably would not have, because they would have been busy trying to think up some obscure jokes about Tycho Brahe, or wondering what Tarzan might have been like if he had been raised by flamingos instead of apes.

The parent film, which is to say the shell around the film-within-a-film, basically consists of a bunch of guys arguing about whether to say the "n-word" in their film when they make bad taste jokes about black people, and debating about whether anybody would see such a film.

Jeez, I hope not.

And you shouldn't see this one either.


There is quite a bit of nudity, breasts only, usually in quick flashes. The only woman I could identify by name is Jeanine Hill, who stars in a fake commercial for Vienna Sausages. I included that entire commercial in the film reel because it was the funniest thing in the movie.

But that's not saying much, as you'll see.


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In preparation for Season 3 of the raunchy but heartfelt comedy, Aesthete offers complete uncoverage of the first two seasons in HD.

This is the final entry from season two, and one of the top ten nude scenes of 2011

season 2, episode 7


Rebecca Creskoff

Samples below





Lingerie Dreams 2


Brainscan's comments:

I read somewhere Lingerie Dreams 2 was the most eagerly awaited sequel since Godfather 2. Or was it Major League 2? Police Academy 2? One of those. Who knows? This is a strip and wiggle extravaganza made memorable only by the presence of two women who starred in over 100 B movies - Julie Strain and Sauna O'Brien - and a cult figure of sorts, Susie Chidley who sometimes uses the name Suzie Q. Joining them are former pornstar Cathy Raymond (her nom de humpin' was Gabrielle Scream) and two unknowns (Stephanie Somers and Kari Mitchell). The drill was very much the same for each of them. Scene one - skimpy stuff. Scene two - topless. Scene three - full frontal. Image quality sucked and things run on a bit too long but the women look fine and they are nekkid. So here are caps and clips for all y'all.

Today: the final entry: Stephanie Somers (sample below)



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Thanks to the research of an intrepid reader, here's Flora Cheung nekkid. She's the chick who's going to the naked cooking show in Hong Kong.