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Absolute Aggression


Today the Time Machine goes back to 1996 for an absolutely forgettable movie "Absolute Aggression".

That said Amy Lynn Baxter has a memorable chest as she shows off her boobs before she winds up getting speared to death. Caps and a clip.

Carrie Flaska running around with her tits bouncing. A cap with a clip.

Cheryl Clifford shows breasts while riding a guy, who she then shoots in the head and just keeps on riding. A cap with a clip.




TV Land

Over in TV Land Nicole Mitchell from the "Weather Channel" kind of warms my day with her hot legs. Caps with an HD clip.





Lust, Caution


Part 4 of 4 - more video footage

Wei Tang 1080p film clips





Based on a Jack Ketchum novel (and he also wrote the screenplay), 2009's Offspring is in many ways a typical mutant cannibal tale, but it was pretty well done, and although somewhat gruesome, holds your interest to the end.

Offspring of a 1980's lighthouse keeper have turned cannibal over the years and sometimes turn to the locals for food, and yes, the locals ARE the food. At all other times, they stay well hidden in the remote woods and caves.
Amy and Claire (Ahna Tessler) wind up fighting for their lives when the group abducts them and Amy's baby. Claire's young son escapes and watches helplessly as his mom is dragged away.

Not great, but a better than average telling of this type of story, and one I enjoyed. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.

Ahna Tessler Leigh Shannan


Cintia Dicker, a Brazilian model

Brigitte Bardot showing off her booty in Contempt

Cara Jo Basso in The Sex Substitute 2

Kelsey in The Sex Substitute 2

Kim Knight in Towelhead

Lady Gaga more or less naked at the 2010 Brit awards, doing her world- famous impersonation of Sharon Stone as the Phantom of the Opera


Paris Hilton showing off some jumbo ... feet

Jasmine Waltz in Poker Run. Only the last one comes from the final cut of the movie. The rest are from the special features.



Film Clips