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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.










Meghan Flather 720p film clip. Collages below.

Scoop's notes:

I have not seen this. It's the action flick with Jet Li and Jason Statham. But the IMDb credit is one of the more enigmatic: "Meghan Flather - Chinese call girl."

So does Dublin have a Chinatown, or does Peking have an Irishtown?







La Orca


The Time Machine is once again back in the seventies to see Rena Niehaus doing full frontal nudity as a kidnap victim who gets handcuffed and fondled. (She falls for her captor.) Caps and 2 clips.




TV Land

Over in TV Land Courtney Friel of "Fox News" puts on a leg & thigh show.

Feb 11th

Feb 9th








Birds in Paradise


This one is a rarity. Never on DVD. At one time, this cable TV mini-series (from the early years of the Playboy Channel, I believe) was edited into a straight-to-vid called Soft Touch 2, but that is out of print on VHS and only available used - at a premium price.

Part 4 of ?

Jeannine Louise, Jennifer Inch and Sue Morrow. Small sample below








Notes and collages


"Two and a Half Men"

s6, e15

Jennifer Taylor









(2009. Season 2, episode 3)

Here is some more from the raunchy bowels of Aussie TV, where Underbelly competes with Satisfaction for the title of "most sensational' - a competition I admire, and would add to the Olympics.

Anna Hutchison

Jenna Lind









Even more takes on Naomi Watts stark naked, captured by paparazzi. Some of these are Photoshopped to add color or remove watermarks or whatever. (As opposed to "Photoshopped fakes." In other words, they are essentially the real deal.)


I believe this is an upgraded version of the Marcia Cross nudes that were salvaged from her trash. (This news is three years old.) The quality is pretty good in the one on the left, but the original was a full-length nude (seen on the right). Not sure what happened to the rest of her red bush.

Remember this odd pic of Eliza Dushku? Here's an upgrade. I still have no idea what we're really looking at.


Film Clips

Vittoria Belvedere in Graffante Desiderio

Sarah Polley in "John Adams" in 720p

Jackie Quinones in Hard Luck. Maybe you've never heard of her or this obscure movie (which is fairly entertaining, by the way), but this actually made it into our top nude scenes poll one year. When you see her butt, you'll understand.

One more from Hard Luck: Aubrey Dollar

Amber Heard (and others) in a red-band trailer for The Informers, which is based on a book of short stories by Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho)


Antonella Costa in Don't Look Down. You had better have your broadband connection paid up before downloading this one. (386 meg in 21 separate videos!) I suppose this would be the nude scene of the year if anyone actually watched movies from Argentina. This is not a porn flick. She's a respected actress (she had a small part in The Motorcycle Diaries) and the movie won some minor awards at minor film festivals in various places where the men all wear epaulets and decorate their alphabet with curlyques. (Small sample right)