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Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia


Ilsa, the Tigress of Siberia (1977) is the fourth and final "Ilsa" film starring Dyanne Thorne as a autocratic sadist of some kind. This time, she is the commandant of an early 1950s Siberian gulag. She has two hobbies to keep her entertained. She feeds prisoners she doesn't like to her pet tiger, and she holds nightly competitions among her loyal troops every evening for the honor of servicing her. The other two female soldiers get the losers, who are often too far gone to be any good, at which time the women have to take care of each other.

When Ilsa is sent a political prisoner, she decides to reform him via torture. Then Stalin falls from power, so Ilsa and her crew skip town quickly, killing everyone except the political prisoner. Cut to twenty years in the future. The Soviet Hockey team has just played in Montreal, and two members want to get laid. They are being chaperoned by the same guy Ilsa has been torturing. He agrees to let them go to a brothel. The brothel just happens to be run by Ilsa, who has used her crafty Russian mind-control tricks to take over the brothel business in Montreal. She spots her old nemesis on a closed-circuit camera and kidnaps him, setting up the final battle.

Some fans feel that Dyanne Thorne's presence is all the justification needed to watch this film, but that's about all it has. The story has nothing to do with any previous Ilsa movies, and is just plain silly.

IMDb: 5.0










Night Junkies


A little horror flick today, in which two rather well endowed ladies show off their breasts.

Katia Winter plays ride em' cowboy with her guy. Caps and a clip.

Lauren Adams gives up her "Big Uns", but winds up a little bloody. Caps and two clips.








Notes and collages


Lisa Kudrow

Episode 212

Episode 211








Maxwell Smart and the Nude Bomb


Movie that bombed when it came out mostly because all the nudity was male (and the Get Smart movie coming out this summer looks like an even bigger stinker).

But stuntbabe and Heffer bunny Chere Bryson is shown in wet see-thru blouse. While Chere didn't pose for the Hefmag magazine itself, she was a bunny waitress at the club. Here is an old photo:

Chere Bryson





What is it good for?... a lot of topless strippers and hookers.

Meghan Flather

Angela Fong

 Lucy Lu




Cybermaster: Shepherd II


Awful sequel to Cybercity. The nude scene for Heidi von Palleske was old footage culled from the first movie so no new nudity for her. However Emilia Antonescu, Kerry Konecny and a Mimi LeMeaux are topless as strippers while Cherilee Taylor (Paradise Falls) and Monica Amlat are sexy.

Heidi von Palleske

Emilia Antonescu

Kerry Konecny

Mimi LeMeaux

Cherilee Taylor

Monica Amlat



Cyberteens in Love


Jason Priestley's twin sister Justine Priestley shows partial boob.



"Blood Ties"

 episode: "Deep Dark"

Vampires, strippers and goth chicks. The perfect combination. Elisa King shares a lesbian kiss with Gina Holden.

Blood Ties got canceled recently. "Deep Dark" was the last episode. Its time slot has been replaced with psychic ghosthunter shows.

Elisa King



The Incubus


There is a major plot hole in this movie. The nude corpse looks nothing like the blonde character played by Beverly Cooper. The corpse looks more like the wheelchair character played by Lisa Bunting, who was killed earlier in the movie.

Beverly Cooper

Lisa Bunting

related ...

Here's Lisa Bunting from Crackerjack (an early proto-Czechploitation by LloydSimandl). Note the similar svelte figure of Lisa matches the autopsy scene in Incubus.



"Kenny vs. Spenny"

Season four, episode: "First Guy to Get a Boner Loses"

Hot cousin Bianca Gross and lapdancer Ashley Ristimaki try to get the guys to rise to the occasion.

Bianca Gross

Ashley Ristimaki



"Les Lavigueur, la vraie histoire"

 Le miniseries (2008)

Critically acclaimed miniseries which concluded last week although it will be at least a year before it airs in English Canada. She's-not-a-dude Laurence Leboeuf has another nude sex scene in the third episode while Amelie Simard (of the Chi-Chi tv series little known outside of Quebec) is topless in the sixth and final episode.

Laurence Leboeuf

Amelie Simard



"The Border"

episode" "Compromising Positions"

Episode about Russian strippers working in Canada.

Jessica Barrow: topless.

Inna Korobkina: nice butt and perfectly shaved bikini line.

Lisa Ciara: buns and cleavage.

Talia Russo: cleavage.


More of Jessica Barrow, this time topless sitting in the chair behind Julie Strain in BattleQueen 2020.

More of Talia Russo -  sexy dancing for Ed the Sock last December.









Private Dances 3

Did you hear where Eric Idle re-wrote lyrics from Spam-a-lot to replace Britney Spears' name with Posh Spice?  Seems one of the songs pokes not so gentle fun at Ms Spears.  Idle and director Mike Nichols thought a change was in order because, as Idle said, one shouldn't laugh at sad people.  This just about says it all, yes?  Britney has fallen so far that comedians and satirists are invoking the mercy rule. 

Here's an enormous (150 meg) clip of Lorissa McComas from a disk entitled "Private Dances 3," in a segment called "Oil Me Down." It comes with an old collage as a sample.

film clip








A film clip of Jennifer Sky in My Little Eye
Here is an upgraded clip of Jessica Alba in Awake, a hair better than the one from yesterday. Sample right. (If you are reading this in the back issues, don't download both, because I'm replacing the other one with this one.)
Former American Idol finalist Katharine McPhee in a bikini on her honeymoon.
Kelly Osborne ain't exactly Angelina Jolie in the face department, but she has some serious cleavage.
Britney up to her usual braless shenanigans.

This is Lennon Murphy. She is the woman being sued by Yoko Ono over use of the Lennon name as the name of her band.