Camilla Thorson today. I didn't see any nudity at all.

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Jimmy the Saint
Another good find from His Holiness. Radha Mitchell in "High Art".

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FR Here's FR with collages made in partnership with Tuna. Tuna did the original collages of Sheryl Lee in "The Blood Oranges" (#1, #2, #3, #4) Naughty babes Tabitha Cash and June (#1, #2, #3, #4)

Gold is Tracey Elvik, from 30 September, 1987

Requested was Sarah Hollett (1, 2),

+ Ever wonder what the Playboy, Page Three, and other softcore models do when not modeling for Playboy or the British tabs? Fred does. Fred, or as he is known in the ancient Elventongue, "Frodo", specializes in "outing" the harder action from these ostensibly wholesome girls. Frodo's comments:

Frodo is off today. He did point out that yesterday's Page Three Girl, with the Hungarian name Zsanett (Janet), looks very much like Hungarian pornbabe Janet Song.

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  • Torrie Wilson (#1)
  • Herzigova (#1 #2 #3)
  • Penthouse Pet Round-Up. This is Jan 2000, Nicole Marciano

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    Scoop - the Nikki Taylor is either a very nice see-thru or not her. It looks like her, but it was an anonymous picture in a two year old edition of Elle.
  • Nikki Taylor
  • Miss Hancock - new rasslin babe - at Nitro (#1, #2)

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    a "Romance", from Johnny Web

    Caroline Ducey plays a woman who never really gives herself over to sex because she spends too much time thinking about it, analyzing it, and talking about it. She is profoundly unhappy. The man she professes to love will not make love to her. The men who will make love to her, well, they are just bodies there for her experience. She may finish, but gets no real pleasure from them, won't touch their cocks or even kiss their lips. She also complains that she is dyslexic, can't spell, blah, blah, etc. She doesn't seem to have any capacity to enjoy anything. At the clubs, her boyfriend dances whilst she stares at people. At home, he reads or watches TV, and she broods over why she isn't getting laid.

    I guess we guys are supposed to learn from this about what women really think about in the process of courtship and sex. Or maybe we just learn what really depressed French women think about. Personally, I learned to stay away from depressed French women.

    The movie is, I think, a very honest and accurate look at her thought process in relation to the world. We've all known women like her, and wondered what she was thinking. Now we can find out.

    The movie includes penises soft and hard, one actual penetration, a BJ, a masturbation, a live birth, a gynecological exam, - well - you get the point. All of it is narrated in overvoice by our heroine.

    I didn't much like the movie. It's a good enough movie in certain ways. It's profound and intense, and quite well filmed, but who the hell can you relate to in this movie? Needless to say, it was written and directed by a woman, and the POV is entirely first person. Maybe women will understand this movie better than we do, but they might get turned off by the explicitness.

    At any rate, I thought the vidcaps came out quite well.

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    "The Big Brass Ring", from Tuna

    I wrote about this in considerable detail last week.

    Irene Jacob (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9)

    Miranda Richardson (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5)

    Sarah Melson (#1, #2, #3, #4)

    "In Too Deep", from Johnny Web

    Remember those gimmick casts that pervaded Broadway a decade or so ago. An all-black cast of White Christmas, an all-Asian cast of The Alamo, an all-homosexual cast of .... oh, wait a minute, that was every play. Anyway, this is Donnie Brasco with an all-black cast. I liked the movie, and never touched the fast forward, but let me say this. It's tense and taut and professional and slickly directed, but there is not one thing in the entire movie that will surprise you. Except for the hip dialogue, most of us could have written this script. There's nothing special about it. And that's a big weakness.

    Nia Long was in "Fresh Prince" years ago. The one scene is obviously really her. The other scene could be her or a body double; it's just too dark to tell.

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    "Total Recall 2070", from Johnny Web

    The name of this flick should be "Total Ripoff", but you'll be kind of surprised to hear that it's actually a ripoff of "Blade Runner", and not "Total Recall". Rogue androids are conducting a campaign of terror to get chips to expand their memory and intelligence capabilities. There's even one character who looks exactly like Edward James Olmos in "Blade Runner", and I mean exactly, down to the last detail of facial hair and wardrobe. You have to pause the movie to see that it isn't Olmos!

    Actually, it isn't a totally awful way to pass 90 minutes. The art direction is actually rather good, I thought, and the characters aren't bad. As for these two characters, Cyndi Preston has a part which is completely irrelevant to the plot - she's the cop's wife. This was also a series, I think, so maybe she was more significant in other episodes. But she's more justifiable than the other woman, who is the first murder victim, and who got naked and then killed all pretty much during the opening credits. I think they were there to fill the flesh quota in made-for-cable movies.

    Cynthia Preston (#1, #2)

    Carole Mackereth (#1, #2)

    A rasslin' mpg from PicHound

    (Sunny shakes her stuff in that semi-transparent thing. There are caps elsewhere on the page, so you can see if you want to go through the trouble of getting this. (No actual nudity, and it's more than 3 meg)

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  • Humor, or something. Why we all love gymnastics.
  • Maria Pitillo pokitude in "Godzilla", from Z.E.R.O. (new guy). You mean somebody watched that movie?
  • Annie Galipeau in "Grey Owl". Quite an attractive poresentation by Dann.
  • Leelee on the cover of MovieLine, popping out the side
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