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"I'm Dying Up Here"

s1e8, 1920x1080

Ginger Gonzaga



Charmed is a TV show based on the adventures of three sisters, The Charmed Ones. There were four main women from a sex appeal point of view, Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan. Kaley Cuoco spiced things up in the eighth and final season. There was no nudity but plenty that was very easy on the eye. This penultimate set of caps are from the eighth season and were made in 2005 and 2006.

Episode 10 Vaya Con Leos (2005)

Kaley Cuoco

Episode 11 Mr. & Mrs. Witch (2006)

Alyssa Milano

Barbara Niven

Kaley Cuoco



Battlecreek is a drama about a boy with a rare skin disease meaning he can't go out in the sun who meets a troubled woman (Claire van der Boom) who gets stuck in town and they fall in love until her past catches up with her.

Claire van der Boom film clip (collages below)

Laura Ramsay in Kill The Irishman (2011) in 1080hd

Julie Delpy in Les Mille Merveilles De l'Univers (1997)

Season one of The White Queen

This is in 1080hd, and is supposed to be an uncut version. Since I don't remember the broadcast version that well, I can't tell you at this moment what has changed to cause it to be billed as uncut.

Rebecca Ferguson in several episodes

Freya Mavor in episode 10

Faye Marsay in episode 6

Emily Berrington in episode 6

Eve Ponsonby in episode 1

uncredited actresses in several episodes

Marta Higareda's full nude scenes in Altered Carbon

Enhanced, brightened, and in 2160hd