TV Recap

Naked News (Feb 15) had two segments that deviated from the normal routine:

Five of the anchors exercised on a beach
Stephanie Lusk auditioned. I can't remember a previous case when they gave the auditioner's last name. Here is her Facebook page.

Emmy Rossum was topless and wore a thong on Shameless (s5e6)

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season two

today: episode ten

Ivana Milicevic


"Femme Fatales"


Melissa Paulo



Defoe's picks o' the week:

Nathalie Richard and Elina Lowensohn in Notre Dame des Hormones (2014) in 1080hd

The women of 4:48 in 1080hd (2014)

The women of Passer l'Hiver (2013)

Marie Gillain in Marie (1993)



TV and Film Clips

Ania Sowinski, Franziska Weisz and Jennifer Davison in The Devil's Violinist (2015) in 720p




Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) in a little better cam - somewhat better quality than the last one, and a more comprehensive look at the nudity

Kelly Curran in Grizzly (2015) in 1080p

Angela Armani in Fear Clinic (2014) in 720p

Jessica Morris, Hannah Cowley and Mariah Bonner in Haunting of the Innocent (2014) in 1080hd




Carly Jean in the film undeservedly ignored by the Oscars, Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones (2013)

Pics and Collages

Madonna on stage at various times, including some recent ones

The ubiquitous Maitland Ward

model Solveig Mork Hansen (who is in the new SI swimsuit thingy)