TV Recap

This week's Black Sails featured nudity from a different character, played by Louise Barnes


I just pulled a few highlights from Naked News for each day Tue-Fri

Feb 11th - Peyton Priestly and Katherine Curtis together nekkid

Feb 12th - Full frontal (with mucha labia) and rear from Eila Adams

Feb 13th - Full frontal and rear from Priestly and Whitney St John

Feb 14th - Peyton Priestly's audition tape!

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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"True Blood"

Season Six, 1920x1080

Episode 6

Anna Pacquin

Deborah Ann Woll

Jessica Clark

Stacy Haiduk


The TV caps this week are from T.J.Hooker, which was a TV series that ran for five seasons from 1982 to 1985. The show starred William Shatner and, in particular from a Funhouse point of view, Heather Locklear from series 2. As you’d imagine, there was no nudity but there were some lovely looking ladies.

This week the caps are from season 1, 2 and 3 and were made in 1982 and 1983. There's no nudity, just lots of swimwear and cleavage.

Series 1 Episode 5 The Witness (1982)

Heather Locklear



Series 2 Episode 1 Second Chance (1982)

Christine Kellogg

Heather Locklear

Rebecca Holden


Series 2 Episode 4 Blind Justice (1982)

Marcy Lafferty

Series 2 Episode 5 Big Foot (1982)

Heather Locklear

Holly Gagnier

Robin Dearden

Series 2 Episode 14 The Decoy (1983)

Corinne Bohrer

Heather Locklear

Susanne Severeid

Series 3 Episode 1 The Return (1983)

Marine Jahan

Series 3 Episode 2 Carnal Express (1983)

Beth Scheffell

Heather Locklear

Shawn Weatherly


Series 3 Episode 4 The Cheerleader Murder (1983)

Heather Locklear

Jenny Sherman

Series 3 Episode 5 The Shadow of Truth (1983)

Christie Claridge

Helen Shaver

Shawn Weatherly

Series 3 Episode 7 A Child Is Missing (1983)

Amanda Horan Kennedy

Gina Gallego

Jillian Kesner

La Maison du Pecheur

(2013; aka "Summer Crisis")

Recent DVD release from Quebec.

Genevieve Boivin-Roussy: boob and butt.

Ariane-Li Simard-Cote; full nude skinnidipping à la nue.

le unknowns: mostly topless hippie chicks.


le English speaking series, du episode à la Welfare Day (s1e03)

Maxim Roy: sort of nude in bed.

Laurence Leboeuf: sort of nude in bed.

Anne-Krystel Goyer: showing as much boob as allowed on English-Canadian TV

Maya Fuhr: bikini as biker babe.

Meagan Cocklin: halter top as biker babe.

Elisabeth Leger: buns as junkie who ODed while having sex in the spooning position (too bad it wasn't the reverse cowboy).


 Meagan Cocklin: sexy  in bikini in le short "Feeling Sorry Under Water".

 Maya Fuhr: topless le short "Goodbye Edna".

"Being Human"


The ghosts of the two dead hookers return again to torment the guy responsible for their murder.

Erica Deutschman: bra and panties.

Imogen Haworth: skivvies.

"Lost Girl"

Zoie Palmer: sort of sexy but who wears a brassiere under such skimpy lingerie?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: nude after getting her pussy eaten out by Zoie.


Zoie Palmer: very sexy in "Sex After Kids".



Laura Vandervoort: showing very little.

Kristen Pizycki: Laura's stunt butt in hidef upgrade.



Jordan Hayes: very sexy getting dressed after last episode's sex romp.

"Republic of Doyle"

(s4e15; Another look at this episode.)

Krystin Pellerin: boobs almost falling out of bedsheet.

"Motives & Murders"

episode: "Murder at the Met"
Katie Buitendyk: nude as rape victim.'


Katie Buitendyk: very sexy in the BMW commercial Full Of Soul.

Katie Buitendyk: sideboob and bare butt in a couple of modeling shots.


Reel Zombies


Third and final installment of the canuck Zombie Night movie trilogy  which was finally released to DVD last week.

Stephannie Hawkins: stuntbabe shows boobs and buns.

Candace Mullen: topless. Despite having the best rack of the bunch her scene was dumped in the deleted scenes and bloopers section.

Kalyn Carter: topless, sex in deleted scene.

Nicole Moor & Amber McBane: Nicole Moor bares all as nude stripper while Amber McBane just makes out with her.

 Anastasya Izhik: topless as closet zombie.


Candace Mullen: boobs almost falling out - from the Reel Zombies Facebook group.

Lessons in Love

(2013 video)

An experimental limited edition Bill Zebub movie.

Tiffany Loretta Carroll: full frontal and gyno-cam with a really huge butt. 

Genoveva Rossi: topless. 

Terra Incognita: topless. 

Sheri Medulla: topless. 

hardcore inserts of graphic rape scenes from an earlier unknown movie. The scenes just stop short of penetration.

BONUS modeling pic:

Terra Incognita: explicit nude and hardcore from a live domination sex show featured at

Indie Director


A semi-autobiographical film from Bill Zebub about making low budget indie films. Unlike his other documentaries this movie is not heavily padded with other footage. Despite his habit of making b-movie movies Bill Zebub's first love is death metal music.

Angelina Leigh: topless as Bill Zebub's heavily stacked girlfriend (yeah, right).

Stephanie Anders: topless as auditioning actress.

Clover St. Claire: boobs and buns tied up hankster-style in a very funny scene as bitchy actress. Seems half her thong is up her crotch. YouTube

Sheri Medulla: topless as model with very perky mosquito bites.

Terra Incognita: topless as horny female producer.

Tiffany Loretta Carroll: topless as auditioning actress getting her boobs honked.

Scarlett Storm: topless as giggling actress.

BONUS modeling pics.

Stephanie Anders: nude modeling pics.

Clover St. Claire: regular modeling pic.


Nadine Theresa Stevens: nude modeling pics of the new lead actress for Bill Zebub's upcoming Scienceless Fiction.


I Spill Your Guts


From b-movie director James Balsamo who, like Bill Zebub, features a lot of gore, sex, nudity, and a death metal soundtrack

Bella Luciano: former porn actress nude.

Genoveva Rossi aka Samantha Ridge: topless.

Nicoletta Star: boobs and buns as sexy nurse.

Indigo Augustine: topless with crazy tats.

Taralynne Nudelman: topless but maybe using a stunt snatch.

Kelli Lynn Sage: boobs and buns as stripper.

unknowns: topless.

BONUS modeling pics.

Bella Luciano: explicit nude and hardcore.

Indigo Augustine:  explicit nude and hardcore.

  Kelli Lynn Sage: full frontal.

TV/Film Clips

Camille Rousseau in Those For Whom It's Always Complicated (2013)

Megan Stevenson in Cavemen (2013) in 720p

Pegah Ferydoni as Cleopatra in Frauen die Geschichte machten (2013) in 720p

More of Pegah Ferydoni, several years earlier in Peer Gynt (2006) in 720p

Henny Reents, also in Peer Gynt

Martina Kratka and Vika Kerekes in a Czech film called Shameless (2008)




Miley Cyrus (non-nude) in concert in Vancouver

a little clearer snapshot of Kendall Jenner's see-through